CIVA President announces Boards of Judges for 2008 Championships

The Boards of Judges for the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in the USA, the European Aerobatic Championships in the Czech Republic, and the European Glider Aerobatic Championships in Poland have been selected. CIVA used a new procedure this year to select the Judges and the process depends on judging analysis that was compiled to produce a new Judging Performance Database (JPD). The new FairPlay System (FPS), introduced in 2006, along with refined judging analysis tools in contest software will enable CIVA to select the best judges possible for future Championships as well as provide feedback, training, and education for judges. This year, a combination of Rank Indexes (RI) and Judges Performance Indexes (JPI) were used, however, in the future (beginning with 2007 data), RI will be the main data used in ranking judges. The decision was also taken to make the process transparent to the aerobatic community. The list of judges who applied, their ranking according to data on hand, and the final selections are published below as attachments to this article.