Programme Q Continues at EAC

The last six pilots will fly Programme Q this morning at Hradec Kralove. The contest has been delayed by rain and high winds but weather was favorable this morning, so the first pilot (Martin Muck of the Czech Republic) launched at 09.36. Today, the presentation of Unknown figures will also take place by Teams who either had automatic right of selection or which were selected in a drawing of lots. These countries are Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Portugal, and Switzerland. Once the figures are presented and checked by the International Jury, all countries will have the opportunity to submit sequence proposals to the Jury by a deadline to be announced. The Jury will select the sequence from these proposals as soon as possible. Today, if the weather cooperates, Programme 1 (the Free Programme) will also begin. The order of flight for this programme will be determined by a random sort that will be done by computer.