Pilots for World Air Games Nominated

The deadline for the submission of pilot entries for the World Air Games has now passed and the following pilots will compete in the Games next June in Turin, Italy: In Power aerobatics, competitors will be Renaud Ecalle (FRA), Ramon Alonso (ESP), Mikhail Mamistov (RUS), Svetlana Kapanina (RUS), Michael Racy (USA), Debby Rihn-Harvey (USA), Gerald Cooper (GBR), Martin Sonka (CZE), Pierre Marmy (SUI), and Marco Bosoni (ITA). In Glider aerobatics, pilots will be Georgy Kaminskiy (RUS), Ferenc Toth (HUN), Jerzy Makula (POL), Markus Feyerabend (GER), Erik Piriou (FRA), Dietmar Poll (AUT), Premysl Vavra (CZE), Jason Stephens (USA), and Pietro Filippini (ITA). The Netherlands declined to enter a pilot and confirmation from Switzerland is still pending. All pilots will receive confirmation from FAI by the end of October with official invitations to participate and more information on the Games. Kapanina and Mamistov at WAC 2001