LausitzCup 2008 Tests Winch Launches for Glider Aerobatics

Last year in Rothenburg, Germany, the "Lausitzpokal 2008" Glider Aerobatics competition was held and intended as a proof-of-concept of using winch launches for aerobatics. To quote Gerd Ottensmann, one of the Judges at the competition: " ... such high altitude winch launches can deliver the necessary heights to perform glider aerobatics at significantly lower energy or fuel consumption and finally cost levels, thereby responding positively not only to economic but ecological demands. However, the most important part of this is, as we see it, that it may pave the ways for young and interested glider pilots to join the glider aerobatic scene as winch launches offer them an access to aerobatics they are able to afford. Over the years increasing costs of aerotows were the prime motives here in our community of glider aerobatics enthusiasts for searching of alternate means and to take the initiative in this team effort." A PDF of Gerd's PowerPoint presentation to the 67th Annual Deutscher Aero Club Gliding Convention in Hagen, Germany can be downloaded below.