Filippini and Ecalle Win World Air Games

The final flight programmes of the World Air Games were flown in Power and Glider on Saturday, June 13th, and the WAG has now been completed. It has been a hot and busy week but a good experience for all involved. Special thanks to the Judges and Jury members who did their best -- in cooperation with their Italian colleagues -- to make the aerobatics section of the WAG a success. Pietro Filippini of Italy is now the World Air Games Champion in Glider Aerobatics. Pietro flew his Swift S-1 to a surprising and well-earned victory and by a comfortable margin of over 500 points over second place winner Georgy Kaminskiy of Russia. Erik Piriou of France won the Bronze Medal. In Power aerobatics, Renaud Ecalle performed beautifully in all four flight programmes -- winning them all -- and a final victory margin of nearly 800 points. He flew the Extra 330SC. Mikhail Mamistov was second in the Sukhoi 31 and Gerald Cooper was third in his CAP 232. Complete results and data files can be found at www.civa-results.com. Congratulations to the winners. Photos by Alan Cassidy and Mike Heuer. Mikhail Mamistov, Renaud Ecalle, and Gerald Cooper Pietro Filippini with his trainer, Sandor Katona