CIVA Rules & Judging Sub-Committees Issue Recommendations for 2010

The CIVA Rules and Judging Sub-Committees met on 10 June 2009 in Turin, Italy during the World Air Games to consider a package of rules proposals submitted by CIVA Delegates for the 2010 competition season. Proposals mostly concerned Power Aerobatics. The CIVA Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committee will meet in Hosin, Czech Republic next week to consider glider-specific proposals made by Delegates. The report of the Sub-Committees is attached below for download. Those proposals which survived the scrutiny of the Sub-Committees and included in their report will go to the plenary meeting of CIVA this Fall. The meeting is to take place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA on 17-18 October. The aerobatic community is encouraged to submit comments to your national delegate as they will vote on these proposals in October. Proposals that did not survive Sub-Committee will not be considered at plenary. Proposals for 2010 Known/Q sequences must be submitted by 1 September 2010. CIVA Sub-Commitees Meet in Turin