World Elite Aerobatic Formula in Romania

The second World Elite Aerobatic Formula was flown in Romania on July 11th. The first event was held in January 2008 in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates and was the first test of a new set of rules for aerobatic competition designed by Jurgis Kairys of Lithuania. This year's event in Romania was called the "Mamaia World Elite Aerobatic Formula" as it was held at the coastal resort of Mamaia before a large crowd of spectators along the beach. Eight pilots flew for a board of three judges or "scorers". Chief Judge was Quintin Hawthorne of South Africa. The pilots were Castor Fantoba (ESP), Svetlana Kapanina (RUS), Zoltan Veres (HUN), Renaud Ecalle (FRA), Pierre Marmy (SUI), Hubie Tolson (USA), Philipp Steinbach (GER), and Tom Cassells (GBR). Most of these pilots are going on to compete in the World Aerobatic Championships in Silverstone, UK, in mid-August. The WEAF consists of two flights -- the first called "Aerobatics Against Time (AAT)" and the second "Aerobatics Freestyle (AF)". Details on the rules for the event can be found at www.aerobaticformula.com along with a superb gallery of photos and videos of the Mamaia competition. Winner was Castor Fantoba of Spain flying the Sukhoi. Castor is an airline pilot, Captain on the Boeing 757, an airshow performer, and member of the Spanish Aerobatic Team. This event is tough and demanding but has great spectator appeal as well and as proven in Romania. More WEAF competitions are planned for the future and are sanctioned by the FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) as Second Category competitions. Castor Fantoba of Spain