EAAC Free Unknowns Published

The Contest Director of the European Advanced Aerobatic Championships, Stano Bajzik, in cooperation with Jury President Jiri Kobrle have announced that four "Free Unknown" sequences have been published for pilots to fly beginning tomorrow, 12 August, in Radom, Poland. The "Free Unknown" concept is new to Power aerobatics this year. Figures are selected by Teams, as in the past, but then sequences can then be submitted to the Jury, checked and published. Pilots can then choose from the available Free Unknowns. The four EAAC Free Unknowns are available below as attachments for download in PDF. EAAC pilots and officials have the day off today due to weather conditions in Poland.

Aresti Cup Presented

The Aresti CupThe 25th World Aerobatic Championships were completed on 29 August 2009 in Silverstone, United Kingdom and over 60 pilots competed to win aerobatics' most important award, the Aresti Cup. The Aresti Cup, donated by Col. Jose L. Aresti of Spain to the FAI in the 1960's, is presented to the World Aerobatic Champion. The trophy was first awarded in 1964 to Tomas Castaňo of Spain. Not only the most prestigious award given in competition, the Aresti Cup is also a work of art --- created in silver with gold embellishments and featuring gold coins around its diameter symbolizing member nations of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. The trophy is topped with a golden globe which featured Col. Aresti's favorite aircraft, the Bücker Jungmeister, but which has now been lost to time. The names of past Champions are engraved around the base of the trophy. Jose L. Aresti (shown right with the Cup) was the creator and author of the “Aresti Aerocryptographic System”, still in use today in all aerobatic competitions. The Cup was presented to the new 2009 World Aerobatic Champion, Renaud Ecalle of France during closing ceremonies at Silverstone on the evening of 29 August 2009. See the "President's Page" for daily accounts of what took place at WAC. Renaud Ecalle of France, 2009 World Aerobatic Champion

EAAC Continues -- First Unknown Completed

The European Advanced Aerobatic Championships is on schedule with a day off set for Tuesday, 11 August due to rain in the Radom area. Simon Fick of France now holds first place after the completion of two flight programmes. Fick flies the CAP 231, F-GVFF. The 1st Unknown sequence is published here as an attachment and be downloaded by clicking the Attachment button below. The last programme of the Championships will be the Free Unknown, the first year this new programme has been tried at Power Championships. While these types of sequences have been flown for sometime in Glider competitions, it is new to the Power aerobatic world in 2009. Four countries submitted Free Unknown sequences. Pilots can choose from any of the four for their flights. Results of the EAAC can be found at www.civa-results.com.

EAAC Underway in Poland

The 6th European Advanced Aerobatic Championships is now underway at Piastow Airfield in Radom, Poland. 46 pilots and one independent (also called "Hors Concours" pilots or H/C) have entered the event from 15 countries. The contest is under the direction of Stanislav Bajzik of the Czech Republic. Chief Judge is Pavol Kavka of Slovakia. Countries entering EAAC are Belgium, Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Sweden. YAK 55As of this writing, Programme Q has been completed and Programme 1 (the Free) is just about complete. The Programme Q Gold Medal winner was Tamas Nadas of Hungary flying an Extra 300LP. Teams also submitted their proposals for the 1st Unknown and the Jury has made its selection. This is available as a PDF download below. Flying of the 1st Unknown will likely begin tomorrow, 10 August. This will also be the first year an Advanced Championships will incorporate a "Free Unknown". Teams can submit sequences based on a fixed set of figures that are also submitted by Teams at a special briefing. Pilots are then allowed to choose any of the sequences proposed by Teams after they have been checked for legality. Complete results can be found at www.civa-results.com.

World Elite Aerobatic Formula in Romania

The second World Elite Aerobatic Formula was flown in Romania on July 11th. The first event was held in January 2008 in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates and was the first test of a new set of rules for aerobatic competition designed by Jurgis Kairys of Lithuania. This year's event in Romania was called the "Mamaia World Elite Aerobatic Formula" as it was held at the coastal resort of Mamaia before a large crowd of spectators along the beach. Eight pilots flew for a board of three judges or "scorers". Chief Judge was Quintin Hawthorne of South Africa. The pilots were Castor Fantoba (ESP), Svetlana Kapanina (RUS), Zoltan Veres (HUN), Renaud Ecalle (FRA), Pierre Marmy (SUI), Hubie Tolson (USA), Philipp Steinbach (GER), and Tom Cassells (GBR). Most of these pilots are going on to compete in the World Aerobatic Championships in Silverstone, UK, in mid-August. The WEAF consists of two flights -- the first called "Aerobatics Against Time (AAT)" and the second "Aerobatics Freestyle (AF)". Details on the rules for the event can be found at www.aerobaticformula.com along with a superb gallery of photos and videos of the Mamaia competition. Winner was Castor Fantoba of Spain flying the Sukhoi. Castor is an airline pilot, Captain on the Boeing 757, an airshow performer, and member of the Spanish Aerobatic Team. This event is tough and demanding but has great spectator appeal as well and as proven in Romania. More WEAF competitions are planned for the future and are sanctioned by the FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) as Second Category competitions. Castor Fantoba of Spain

WGAC Completes with Kaminskiy the World Champion

The 13th World Glider Aerobatic Championships was declared closed today at the Hosin airfield in the Czech Republic after the completion of five flight programmes. Contest Director Tom Korinek took the decision to call of flying today because of bad weather, so the final "Free Unknown" programme was not completed. New World Glider Aerobatic Champion is Georgiy Kaminskiy of Russia flying a Swift S-1 (3308K). In second place and only 8 points behind Kaminskiy, out of a total of over 8,000, was Erik Piriou of France, also flying the Swift S-1. Third was Jan Roxlivka in a Swift. In the Team competition, France was first, Czech Republic second, and Germany third. The team championships is based on the highest three placing pilots in each team. Full results can be found www.civa-results.com which also includes images of the Unknowns flown at this championships and a photo gallery. 2009 World Glider Aerobatic Champion Georgiy KaminskiyErik Piriou in his Swift S-1

World Glider Aerobatic Championships Opens in Czech Republic

The 13th World Glider Aerobatic Championships opens today at Hosin airfield near České Budĕjovice, Czech Republic with opening ceremonies scheduled at 18.00 local time. The Championships is hosted by the Aero Club of the Czech Republic and directed by Tomas Korinek. Tom also served as the Contest Director of the European Aerobatic Championships (Unlimited Power) last year in Hradec Kralove. Chief Judge is Philippe Kuechler of Switzerland and the International Jury President if Jerzy Makula of Poland. As of today, 34 pilots are officially registered for the event from 11 countries including the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and Japan. Results will be posted daily at www.civa-results.com.

CIVA Rules & Judging Sub-Committees Issue Recommendations for 2010

The CIVA Rules and Judging Sub-Committees met on 10 June 2009 in Turin, Italy during the World Air Games to consider a package of rules proposals submitted by CIVA Delegates for the 2010 competition season. Proposals mostly concerned Power Aerobatics. The CIVA Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committee will meet in Hosin, Czech Republic next week to consider glider-specific proposals made by Delegates.


The Darius & Girėnas Trophy

From time to time, information on the beautiful trophies that CIVA presents at our various FAI Aerobatic Championships will be featured on the website. This will bring attention to these magnificent awards and their importance in the world of aerobatics. We present today the Darius & Girėnas Trophy. The Darius & Girėnas Trophy is presented to the winning Men’s Team at the European Aerobatic Championships each two years. The trophy was donated by Lithuania in 2003. The trophy has been won by the Russian Team every year since its inception (2004, 2006, and 2008). The award is named after two famous Lithuanian flyers, Stephen Darius and Stanley Girėnas. In July 1933, these pilots attempted a non-stop flight between New York City and Kaunas, Lithuania flying their Bellanca CH-300 “Pacemaker” which they had named “Lituanica”. Tragically, the flight ended in a crash near Rosenthal, Germany in Pomerania (now Rozansko) just 404 miles short of their goal. They had flown 3,984 miles in 37 hours, 11 minutes. These brave pilots remain among Lithuania’s greatest aviation heroes to this day. The Darius and Girėnas Trophy

World YAK52 Aerobatic Championships Closes

The 2nd World YAK52 Aerobatic Championships was completed on July 3rd at Rojunai Airfield in Lithuania. Twenty pilots from six countries competed in this "single type" competition. The 1st Championships was held last year in Novosibirsk, Russia. The new World Champion in the YAK52 is Alexander Myakishev of Russia (shown in photo). In second was Onute Motiejunaite of Lithuania and in third, Sergey Dadykin of Russia. Contest Director was Arminas Murauskas and Chief Judge was Pavol Kavka of Slovakia. Team Champions were (1) Russia, (2) Lithuania, (3) Ukraine, and (4) Kazakhstan.


Filippini and Ecalle Win World Air Games

The final flight programmes of the World Air Games were flown in Power and Glider on Saturday, June 13th, and the WAG has now been completed. It has been a hot and busy week but a good experience for all involved. Special thanks to the Judges and Jury members who did their best -- in cooperation with their Italian colleagues -- to make the aerobatics section of the WAG a success.