World Air Games Opens

The World Air Games in Turin, Italy has officially opened. Power and Glider Aerobatic pilots (8 Power and 9 Glider) practiced yesterday in the box at Turin and are continuing their practice flights today. Programme 1 for both disciplines will begin tomorrow.

Rules Proposals for 2010 - Power and Glider

The deadline for the submission of rules proposals has passed and 11 countries have submitted suggested changes to FAI Sporting Code, Section 6, which would take effect on 1 January 2010. The rules proposals have been allocated to appropriate Sub-Committees. CIVA Rules and Judging Sub-Committees deal with proposals which affect both Glider and Power Aerobatics and judging issues including analysis and selection. These CIVA Sub-Committees will meet in Turin, Italy on 10 June 2009 during the World Air Games. The meeting will be chaired by CIVA President Mike Heuer.


Jury and Judges for 2009 FAI Aerobatic Championships

The list of Jury members and Judges for all five of the FAI Aerobatic Championships scheduled in 2009 is now available for download (see below). This list is combined to make it easy for reference. 2009 will be a particularly challenging year for the small number of CIVA international officials who work at these events since the calendar has expanded in recent years to include the World YAK 52 Aerobatic Championships and the World Air Games. Our thanks to all who have agreed to serve the sport of aerobatics. The list was updated on 21 July 2009.

LausitzCup 2008 Tests Winch Launches for Glider Aerobatics

Last year in Rothenburg, Germany, the "Lausitzpokal 2008" Glider Aerobatics competition was held and intended as a proof-of-concept of using winch launches for aerobatics. To quote Gerd Ottensmann, one of the Judges at the competition:


List of FAI International Aerobatic Judges for 2009

The 2009 FAI International Aerobatic Judges List is now available at www.fai.org/aerobatics/judges. The list of judges is reviewed annually at the plenary meeting of CIVA and new judges are added and non-current judges deleted.


CIVA 2008 Meeting Summary Published

The Summary of Conclusions of the 2008 plenary meeting of CIVA are now available at www.fai.org/aerobatics/meetings/2008. The meeting was held in Salzburg, Austria the last weekend of October.

CIVA Meeting in Salzburg -- Agenda Packages Available

The annual plenary meeting of CIVA will take place in Salzburg, Austria on 25 and 26 October at the Hotel Heffterhof. Agenda Packages for the meeting are now available at www.fai.org/aerobatics/meetings/2008.

Pilots for World Air Games Nominated

The deadline for the submission of pilot entries for the World Air Games has now passed and the following pilots will compete in the Games next June in Turin, Italy: In Power aerobatics, competitors will be Renaud Ecalle (FRA), Ramon Alonso (ESP), Mikhail Mamistov (RUS), Svetlana Kapanina (RUS), Michael Racy (USA), Debby Rihn-Harvey (USA), Gerald Cooper (GBR), Martin Sonka (CZE), Pierre Marmy (SUI), and Marco Bosoni (ITA).


First World YAK 52 Aerobatic Championships held in Russia

The 1st World YAK 52 Aerobatic Championships was concluded in Novosibirsk, Russia. The event was held on 17-24 August and 23 pilots from 7 countries participated in the Championships. The YAK 52 event was conceived in recent years in order to bring the possibility of participation in FAI Aerobatic Championships to more pilots. The next event of this kind will be held in Lithuania in 2009. After that, it is expected to be held every two years.


Ferenc Toth of Hungary is European Glider Aerobatic Champion

Ferenc Toth of Hungary flew to victory in the 9th European Glider Aerobatic Championships in Radom, Poland. The EGAC concluded on 17 August. Toth flew the Swift S-1 aerobatic glider. In second place was Erik Piriou of France and in third, Markus Feyerabend of Germany. The Team of the Czech Republic took first place in the Team Championships with Russia in second and Germany in third. Detailed results can be found at the following website: http://aerobatics.mwebservices.net/


Rob Holland is 2008 World Advanced Aerobatic Champion

Rob Holland was named the 2008 World Advanced Aerobatic Champion today at the completion of the AWAC in Pendleton, Oregon, USA. The protest period expired at 16.34 (Pacific Daylight Time) and the results and final standings became official. Team USA captured the Team Championship followed by South Africa and Great Britain. Congratulations to all the winners!