Rob Holland of USA Team wins Free Programme at Advanced Championships

Rob Holland of the United States Team flew to victory in the Free Programme at the 8th World Advanced Aerobatic Championships currently underway in Pendleton, Oregon, USA. The flight programme was completed last night and results became official this morning after the resolution of two protests. In second and third place were Hector Ramirez and Norm DeWitt, also of the USA. The 1st Unknown Programme began this morning and will continue throughout the day. Rob Holland

AWAC 1st Unknown Published

The 1st Unknown for the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in Pendleton, USA, is official and is available here as a download below. Flying of Programme 1 continues this morning with the second group of pilots. This programme should finish today and results available.

8th Advanced World Aerobatic Championships Opens in USA

The 8th World Aerobatic Championships opened in Pendleton, Oregon, USA on the 2nd of August. Flying began with Programme Q on the 3rd and was completed in the morning today. Winner of the Q -- which is a Known compulsory flight -- was Todd Whitmer of the USA flying an Edge 540T. Second was Rob Holland fof the USA flying an MX2 and in third, Patrick Davidson of South Africa in an Extra 300L.


Russia Sweeps EAC

Russian pilot Mikhail Mamistov swept to victory along with the Russian Team at the European Aerobatic Championships that concluded on Saturday, 12 July. Full results can be found at www.civa-results.com. Mikhail Mamistov

Mamistov wins Free Programme

Mikhail Mamistov flew to victory in Programme 1 -- the Free Programme -- at the 16th European Aerobatic Championships in the Czech Republic today. This follows his win of the Q Programme. Flying of the First Unknown began this afternoon and will continue tomorrow. Results can be found at www.civa-results.com.

EAC Free Programme in Progress

Today, flying of Programme 1 -- the Free Programme -- continues. Yesterday, over half of the competitors completed their Frees and it is likely the Programme will finish today. The competition has been delayed by bad weather throughout the week but finally acceptable conditions were realized yesterday and the contest organization went into high gear. The remainder of the pilots will fly their Free Programmes today. The flying of the First Unknown (Programme 2) will then commence. It is attached below for download in PDF format and the document includes Forms A, B, and C.


Programme Q Continues at EAC

The last six pilots will fly Programme Q this morning at Hradec Kralove. The contest has been delayed by rain and high winds but weather was favorable this morning, so the first pilot (Martin Muck of the Czech Republic) launched at 09.36. Today, the presentation of Unknown figures will also take place by Teams who either had automatic right of selection or which were selected in a drawing of lots. These countries are Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Portugal, and Switzerland.


EAC Continues ... Day Lost to Weather

The European Championships continues today after the loss of a complete day on Monday, 7 July. The weather is beautiful as the day begins and Hanspeter Rohner of Switzerland is first in the order of flight. Programme Q should complete today and full results will be posted at www.civa-results.com.

European Championships Opens in Czech Republic

The 16th FAI European Aerobatic Championships opened last night in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. The contest is organized by the Aero Club of the Czech Republic and Tomas Korinek is Contest Director. A total of 52 pilots are entered in the event from 19 nations. As of today, 6 July, the Programme Q has begun with Anatoly Belov of Russia in the number one start position. As contest results become available, they will be posted at www.civa-results.com.

CIVA President announces Boards of Judges for 2008 Championships

The Boards of Judges for the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in the USA, the European Aerobatic Championships in the Czech Republic, and the European Glider Aerobatic Championships in Poland have been selected.


Rules Proposals for 2009 - Powered Aerobatics

The deadline for the submission of rules proposals for the 2009 aerobatic contest season has now passed. These proposals will be considered by Rules, Judging, and Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committees this summer when they meet during FAI Championships in the USA and Poland. The proposals for powered aerobatics can be downloaded here. Glider aerobatics proposals will be available separately.