European Championships Opens in Czech Republic

The 16th FAI European Aerobatic Championships opened last night in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. The contest is organized by the Aero Club of the Czech Republic and Tomas Korinek is Contest Director. A total of 52 pilots are entered in the event from 19 nations. As of today, 6 July, the Programme Q has begun with Anatoly Belov of Russia in the number one start position. As contest results become available, they will be posted at www.civa-results.com.

CIVA President announces Boards of Judges for 2008 Championships

The Boards of Judges for the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in the USA, the European Aerobatic Championships in the Czech Republic, and the European Glider Aerobatic Championships in Poland have been selected.


Rules Proposals for 2009 - Powered Aerobatics

The deadline for the submission of rules proposals for the 2009 aerobatic contest season has now passed. These proposals will be considered by Rules, Judging, and Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committees this summer when they meet during FAI Championships in the USA and Poland. The proposals for powered aerobatics can be downloaded here. Glider aerobatics proposals will be available separately.

FAI Sporting Code, Section 6, Part 2 (Glider Aerobatics) Available

The new version of Section 6, Part 2 for Glider Aerobatics has been published. The latest edition is 2008-2 and corrects some errors in text from the previous published version. This document can be downloaded from the "Documents" page on this website.

Sporting Code, Section 6 (Part 1) for Powered Aerobatics Available

The 2008 version of FAI Sporting Code, Section 6, Part 1 for Powered Aerobatics is now available. This PDF document can be downloaded from the "Documents" page on this website.

Catalogue Revisions Available for 2008

At its plenary meeting in October 2007, CIVA agreed to amendments to the Aresti Catalogue in Family 2 (turns and rolling turns). These amendments are to both the glider and power catalogues and will affect all competitors flying in FAI Championships in 2008. The changes, along with amended pages, are found on the "Documents" page and will remain on this website pending publication of the amended pages by Aresti System, SL of Spain.

CIVA Known/Q Sequences for 2008 Finalized

The 2008 Programme Q sequences for powered aerobatics (Advanced, Unlimited, and YAK 52) and Known sequence for glider aerobatics are now available. They can be downloaded in various formats on the CIVA Known Q Sequences web page. These sequences will be in effect on 1 January 2008 and will be used at the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships (USA), the European Aerobatic Championships (Czech Republic), the European Glider Aerobatic Championships (Poland), and the World YAK 52 Aerobatic Championships (Russia).

CIVA to Meet in Vilnius, Lithuania

The FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) will convene its plenary meeting in a few days time in Vilnius, Lithuania. The meeting is being organized by the Lithuanian Aerobatic Federation headed by Algimantas Zentelis and will be held on 27-28 October at the Reval Hotel Lietuva. Informal discussions will be held the day before starting at 16.00. The plenary will begin promptly at 09.00 on each day.


Known Sequence Proposals for 2008 Now Available

The deadline for the submission of Known compulsory sequence proposals for the 2008 contest year has now passed and a record number of sequences were received. 3 YAK 52, 9 Advanced, 6 Unlimited, and 1 Glider proposals will be considered by CIVA when it meets on 27-28 October 2007 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The proposals are also being distributed to expert panels of judges, pilots, and coaches who will provide their own input to CIVA Delegates to assist them in their choices. The file with all the sequences is available for download as agenda package 7 on the 2007 Meeting page. Members of the aerobatic community are encouraged to submit their comments directly to their CIVA national delegates.

Kaminskiy Wins World Glider Aerobatic Champion Title

Georgiy Kaminskiy of Russia is the new World Glider Aerobatic Champion. The final results of the WGAC became official today at 13.30 local time in Niederoeblarn, Austria. Kaminskiy was followed by Ferenc Toth of Hungary in second place and former World Glider Aerobatic Champion Jerzy Makula of Poland in third place. The winning team was Hungary, followed by Russia and Germany. The WGAC concludes tonight in special closing ceremonies and awards givings at the airport. Full results can be found at http://civaweb.mwebservices.net/

WGAC Known is Completed

The Known flight programme at the 12th World Glider Aerobatic Championships has been completed. Jerzy Makula of Poland, several times World Champion, has taken first place in the flight. The 1st Unknown programme will begin this afternoon. Detailed results can be found at http://civaweb.mwebservices.net/