AWAC Delayed due to Weather

Suffering from low clouds and rain all week, the VII. Advanced World Aerobatic Championships has been delayed with the Programme Q being the only flight programme now completed as of yesterday. Results of the competition so far can be found here: http://civaweb.mwebservices.net The scores are updated within minutes after the pilot flies as they are scanned at the judging line and transmitted to the scoring office. The Free Programme (Programme 1) is now underway with less than half the pilots completed. Flying will be attempted today if the weather cooperates. Weather minimums for competition flights are governed by FAI Sporting Code, Section 6.


Advanced Championships Opens in Radom, Poland

The 7th Advanced World Aerobatic Championships opened yesterday, 3 August 2006, in Radom, Poland. 64 pilots from 20 countries registered for the event. Programme Q (the Known Compulsory) was to begin today but rain and bad weather have hampered the start of the contest. It appears that the day may be lost due to bad weather. Updates will be posted here on the CIVA website. Contest Director Marek Szufa conducted the General Briefing for all competitors and team managers yesterday. Chief Judge Pavol Kavka of the Slovak Republic heads up a panel of 6 Judges.

European Glider Aerobatic Championships Concludes

The European Glider Aerobatic Championships concluded over the weekend in Rybnik, Poland and Ferenc Toth of Hungary was named European Champion. Running a close second behind him was Jerzy Makula of Poland and in third place, Georgi Kaminsky of Russia. Team Champions were Hungary (first), Russia (second), and Germany (third). Complete results can be found at the following link: http://civaweb.mwebservices.net

Proposals for 2007 Published

Proposals for rules changes for 2007 can be found under "CIVA Documents" on this website. These proposals, submitted by Delegates, will be considered by the Rules, Judging, and Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committees when they meet this summer. Their recommendations will be published when available. Final decisions on rules will be taken at the CIVA plenary meeting in Krakow, Poland in November 2006.

YAK 52 World Championships Cancelled

The 1st YAK 52 World Aerobatic Championships scheduled to be held in South Africa in June is cancelled. In a letter to participants, Contest Director John Gaillard stated the reasons were cancellations received in the last few days by pilots and observers and non-confirmation of entries by several countries. The even became unviable from a financial standpoint. The future of the YAK WAC, and other competitions, will be discussed at CIVA's plenary in November.

Advanced World Championships Entries Reach 100

As of today, preliminary entries for the Advanced World Aerobatic Championships (AWAC) to be held in Radom, Poland in August have reached 100 pilots. Teams from 23 countries are planning to attend making this the largest aerobatic championships held under the FAI banner in decades. Final entry deadline is set for 31st May 2006.

Judges Selected for 2006 World Championships

The Bureau of CIVA has finished its balloting and selected the Judges for the two World Aerobatic Championships which will be held in 2006 (Advanced and YAK 52 events). The following judges have been selected. All of those below received a majority of votes from Bureau members who voted during the selection process: YAK WAC 2006 BUCKENHAM, Nick DROKINA, Valentina DUNGAN, Greg HAWTHORNE, Quintin MAXEN, Jan MECKLIN, Matti AWAC 2006 DROKINA, Valentina DUNGAN, Greg HAWTHORNE, Quintin MAXEN, Jan MECKLIN, Matti ZUMAGLINI, Jean

FAI Sporting Code for Aerobatics Available

The 2006 versions of FAI Sporting Code, Section 6 are now available under "Documents" on this website. "CIVA Regulations" no longer exist. All documents have been combined into two Parts -- Part 1 of Section 6 will be Powered Aerobatics (Unlimited, Advanced, and YAK 52). Part 2 is for Glider Aerobatics. These new regulations for competition took effect on 1st January 2006.

Known/Q Sequences Available for Download and Viewing

The Known/Q programmes that will be in effect for the 2006 FAI Aerobatic Championships season are now available for viewing and download on this website. Please see "Known & Q Sequences" on the homepage. The sequences are available in GIF, PDF, and VSD format (VSD is the format used with the software commonly used by many competitors to prepare their forms). These sequences were chosen at the CIVA plenary meeting recently held in Oberschleissheim, Germany from among submissions made by various national aero clubs.

CIVA Plenary Meeting

The FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) met near Munich, Germany on 4-5 November 2005 at the German aviation museum in Oberschleissheim. A wide range of issues and problems were discussed. CIVA decided to award the organization of the following Championships to the cities and countries listed below: VII. Advanced World Aerobatic Championships - Radom, Poland - August 2006 VIII. European Glider Aerobatic Championships - Rybnik, Poland - July 2006 V. European Advanced Aerobatic Championships - Joensuu, Finland - July 2007 XII. World Glider Aerobatic Championships - Niederoblarn, Austria - August 2007


CIVA Meets in Munich on 4-6 November

The plenary meeting of CIVA will be held in Munich, Germany on Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 November. The meeting will be held at the aviation museum in Oberschleissheim, one of the oldest and still active airfields in Germany. The meeting will be preceded by "informal discussions" on Friday afternoon, 4 November. These discussions have become a tradition at CIVA in order to clear the air and discuss controversial issues before the plenary begins. This year's agenda includes numerous rules changes, proposed competition sequences for 2006, changes to contest scoring methods, election of new officials and officers, and reports from various Championships held in 2005.