Unknowns Begin at AWAC

Pilots have begun flying the first in a series of three "Unknown" flight programmes at the Advanced World Aerobatic Championships in Ljungbyhed, Sweden today. The 1st Unknown is shown here. Unknown figures are chosen by 10 of the teams -- as determined by drawing of lots --- but all teams can submit a proposed sequence of figures. The one to be used is chosen by the International Jury from those submitted. The sequence cannot be practiced and must be provided to all pilots at least 24 hours before the flight programme begins. A total of three different Unknowns will be flown at AWAC, weather permitting.

Bespalov wins Free Programme at AWAC 2004

Andrey BespalovAndrey Bespalov of Russia took first place in the Free Programme (Programme #1) at the VI Advanced World Aerobatic Championships being held at Ljungbyhed, Sweden. Andrey flew his YAK 55 to an 81.87% of points possible. Second was Glen Dell of South Africa followed by Gerard Bichet of France.


First Flights Completed at AWAC

Programme Q --- the Known Compulsory "qualifying" flight was completed on Saturday, August 7th at the VI. Advanced World Aerobatic Championships in Ljungbyhed, Sweden. Martin VeckoWhile this flight programme does not count toward the official results, the standings are used to determine the order of flight for the subsequent programme, the Free. Martin Vecko of the Czech Republic flew to first place in the Q in a Zlin 50LS. He was followed by Gerard Bichet of France in the Extra 230 and Gabor Varga of Sweden in the YAK 55. Vecko achieved 80.09% of points possible. The flying continues today with the Free Programme which should be completed tomorrow.

AWAC Opens in Sweden

The 6th Advanced World Aerobatic Championships began today in Ljungbyhed, Sweden. A total of 63 pilots from 20 nations are competing in the event, setting a new record for countries participating.

A wide variety of aircraft are in use, though the most popular ones flown at AWAC are the YAK 54 and 55, Extra 230, various Pitts models, and other special types.

Zlin 50

Contest Director for the event is LG Arvidsson. Chief Judge is John Gaillard of South Africa. The President of the International Jury is Mike Heuer.

Proposals for 2005 published

The deadline for the submission of proposals for CIVA has now passed and several countries have provided many ideas for the improvement of Sporting Code and CIVA Regulations.

AWAC Judges Selected

The Bureau of CIVA completed its balloting late last night for the Judges at AWAC. The Board of Judges who will be evaluating flights in Sweden are as follows: Matti Mecklin (Finland) Aldo Marengo (Italy) Christian Arvidsson (Sweden) Graham Hill (Great Britain) Greg Dungan (USA) Jean Zumaglini (France) Jiri Duras (Czech Republic) Valentina Drokina (Russia) Quintin Hawthorne (South Africa) An outstanding panel of Judges, many of have experience at WAC. Chief Judge is the First Vice President of CIVA and the CIVA Judging Sub-Committee Chairman, John Gaillard (South Africa).

CIVA Minutes Published

The official Minutes of the CIVA plenary meeting which was held in Stockholm/Helsinki on the 7th through the 9th of November are available here. Over 60 people attended the meeting from 22 nations. The Minutes include copies of the 2004 Programme Q (Known) sequences, the complete text on the new Judges Performance Index system adopted by CIVA, and complete details on the rules on Advanced aircraft which will take effect on 1st January 2005. Complete results of the elections are also included.

2004 CIVA Sequences Available

The 2004 versions of the CIVA Programme Q (Knowns) are now available for viewing here. These flight programmes can be viewed online or downloaded as VSD (Visio) files and the necessary contest forms produced from this format. They are effective 1st January 2004 and will be flown at all FAI Aerobatics Championships scheduled next year.

CIVA meets on Baltic Sea

The FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) held its annual plenary meeting on the 7th through the 9th of November aboard the Silja "Symphony" -- a cruise ship that plies the Baltic Sea between Stockholm and Helsinki.

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