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The 2013 CIVL Handbook


Bureau and Delegates

Subcommittees, Working groups and Technical Officers

Representation on other Bodies by CIVL Members

At a glance...


President:   Stéphane Malbos (France)

 First Vice President: To be appointed

Vice Presidents: Goran Dimikovski (FYR Macedonia), Igor Erzen (Slovenia), Jamie Shelden (USA), Zeljko Ovuka (Serbia)

Secretary: Mitch Shipley (USA)

Treasurer: Andy Cowley (GBR)

Hang Gliding Committee

Chair: Jamie Shelden (USA)

Members: Niels Joergen Askirk (Denmark), Scott Barret (Australia), Raymond Caux (France), Koos de Keizer (Netherlands), Oyvind Ellefsen (Norway), Agust Gudmundsson (Iceland), Brian Harris (UK), Thomas Koller (Switzerland), Lorenzo Labrador (UK), Claudia Mejia de la Pava (Combia), Dennis Pagen (USA), Gordon Rigg (UK), Mitch Shipley (USA), Klaus Taenzler (Germany), Flavio Tebaldi (Italy)

Paragliding Committee

Chair: Adrian Thomas (UK)

Members: Luc Armant (France), Hamish Barker (Australia), Raymond Caux (France), Josh Cohn (USA), Denis Cortella (France), Goran Dimiskovski (Macedonia), Joerg Ewald (Switzerland), Brett Hazlett (Canada), Dider Mathurin (France), Isabella Messenger (Germany), Tom Payne, Eduardo Sanchez-Granel (Argentina), Martin Scheel (Switzerland), Torsten Siegel (Germany), Marc Wensauer, Geoff Wong.

Aerobatics Committee  

Chairs: Claudio Cattaneo (Switzerland)

Members: François Bon (France), Fabian Équey (Switzerland), Horacio Llorens Fernandez (Spain), Beverly Jäger (Germany), Hernan Pitocco (Argentina), François Ragolski (France), Paal Hammar Rognoy (Norway), Pernilla Hammar Rognoy (Sweden)

Paragliding Accuracy Committee       

Chair: Riikka Vilkuna (Sweden)

Members: Nikki Bodil (UK), Andy Cowley (UK), Veerayuth Didyasarin (Thailand), Igor Erzen (Slovenia), Uglejesa Jondzic (Serbia), Louise Joselyn (France), Kamil Koncnyj (CZ), Yoshiki Oka ( Japan), Andika Mountnear (Indonesia), Wahyu Yudha (Indonesia).

Software Working Group      

Chair: To be confirmed

Other Officers

Safety: Mitch Shipley (USA) and Dennis Pagen (USA)

Competition Coordinator: Claudia Mejia de la Pava (Colombia)

Records & Badges: Igor Erzen (Slovenia)

Communication: Stéphane Malbos (France)

Jury and Steward Coordinator: Jamie Shelden (USA)


World XC Online contest: Andreas Rieck (Germany)


Events Calendar


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