Rest Day in Krushevo



The picture of a dead-tired volunteer taking a quick nap at goal before getting on with his job sums up well the first part of these Hang Gliding Euro Class 1 and World Class 5 championships: so far a very good and very demanding event, with good conditions and long tasks set and completed.


Krushevo Hang Gliding XC Euro and World : The Race Is On



Krushevo, in Macedonia (FYR), is holding both FAI World Class 5 and European Class 1 Cross Country championships from July 17 to 30.


European Paragliding Accuracy: Serbia and Slovenia in Gold


The full number of twelve rounds was successfully completed this week at the 5th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship on the Paluknys airfield in Lithuania with good flying weather for the last two competition days.

In a particularly close competition, the Serbia Team were the victors, followed by the Czech Republic with the United Kingdom in third place. The last round, where the pilots flew in reverse score order, produced numerous excellent scores with much vocal support from the on-lookers; the last few flights determined the final winners.

The overall individual competition winner was Mateus Sluga of Slovenia, with a total of just 31 centimetres just beating Goran Djurkovic (SRB) with 39cms into second place closely followed by Ivan Pavlov (SRB) with 43cms. The top twelve competitors all scored less than a metre for their total scores.

Tamara Kostic of Serbia was the ladies winner and Katie Lawrence (GBR) in second place, overtaking Marketa Tomaskova (CZE) in the very last round. Milica Marinkovic of Serbia also caught up to get exactly the same score as Marketa. As there was no fly‑off for the third position, they shared the bronze medal position.

The gold winning Serbian Team succeeded in just staying ahead of the Czech Republic Team in silver position with just 15 cm separating the two squads. The United Kingdom crew followed in the bronze medal position.

The Lithuania organisers and their hard-working administrative and technical staff team should be complimented for running a successful competition.

Photos: the winners



After a slow start...



After a slow start with a challenging practice round and then high winds, the competition proper started on the Wednesday with a very long working day for the officials let alone the competitors…


European Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Lithuania ready to start!



From 10th to 17th of July, one of European largest annual paragliding event – the 5th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship – will be held in Lithuania.


Asian Paragliding Accuracy: Gold for Thailand, Japan and China,



After completing 11 rounds during the week, the 12th and final round was started June 3.


3rd Asian Paragliding Accuracy underway


The 3rd FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championship is well underway in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan.


World Paragliding Aerobatics Championship Online


The World Paragliding Aerobatics Championship 5August 26 to September 4) is already online at 

http://wpac-annecy-2016.com with plenty to see and read: videos, portofolios, information... Surf it up, side and down!

Krushevo Euro PG Local Regulations published


The Local Regulation of the 14th FAI European Paragliding Championship in Krushevo, FYR of Macedonia, are now published in our Documents pages.


USA Tops the Final Medal Table of the FAI World Air Games

FAI Medal - Small ImageThe United States has finished at the top of the medal table at the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015, with 7 gold medals, 4 silver and 6 bronze. USA led a tight battle with France which just missed the top by 1 gold medal and takes second place with 6 gold, 10 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Russia came third with 6 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze.


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