What’s up in Roldanillo?



The 14th FAI World Paragliding Championships, Roldanillo, Colombia, is less than a month away, with registration opening on 10th January.  This is the first CIVL Category 1 paragliding event to mandate the use of CIVL Competition Class (CCC) gliders.  The final list of CCC certified gliders allowed to fly at this event is available here.

Gliders with an aspect ratio (AR) higher than 7.0, previously certified to EN-D, must now be modified to meet CCC certification.  Contact the manufacturer for information on whether you will need risers, riser limiters and/or new lines retrofitted.

All EN gliders with AR of 7.0 or less are eligible to fly.

Glider checking will be carried out in Roldanillo. CIVL has appointed Denis Cortella (FRA) to check gliders and other equipment. It is each pilot's responsibility to ensure that all his/her equipment complies with the rules in force.

If you are unsure whether your glider complies, you must check with the manufacturer. See also the equipment rules (glider, helmet, harness, reserve parachutes etc) set out in S7B of the Sporting Code.

Amendments to the Local Regulations have been approved. The latest version of these Local Regulations can be downloaded here.

At registration, all pilots will need to provide a completed and signed Pilot Experience Declaration. You can prepare in advance by downloading it from here. Blank forms will be available at HQ.

For further information on the event, see: https://airtribune.com/worlds2015/blog

Executive Board and Liaison Officers in Dubai to Discuss the FAI World Air Games

DIPC-2014-DubaiFAI officials gathered in Dubai this week to get to know the members of the Organising Committee, the host city and the competition venues of the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015. A series of meetings were held where the Executive Board and the FAI World Air Games Experts from the Sports Commissions discussed the key issues pertinent to FAI’s flagship event.


What's up this Autumn?

IMG 1485 

Although not gloating about it, we never stop working! Since the last What’s up published in August, the Bureau…


4th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship


Alexandra Grillmayer from Hungary  and Dejan Valek from Serbia won the 4th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship in the women's and men's categories. The competition took place in Vrsac, Serbia, from 31 August to 7 September 2014.


World Champions Crowned in Hang Gliding Class 1, 2, 5 & Sport


The FAI World Multi-Class Hang Gliding Championships have come to an end in Annecy, France. All results, photos, videos, comments and more are to be found on the competition website. The podiums…


World Hang Gliding Class 1 Women, 2, 5 & Sport on the go!


It started in Doussard, France, on the shore of Annecy Lake, with preparation, registration, opening ceremony and the first tasks.

On D Day+4 things are smokin'. Check it here on the organisers website. Results, comments, pictures, videos...

FAI World Air Games 2015 to be Staged in Dubai

FAI-UAE-Signature-WAG 04 June 2014 9The FAI announced today that the 2015 edition of the FAI World Air Games has been awarded to the United Arab Emirates and will be held in Dubai. This multi-discipline event will be organised by the Emirates Aerosports Federation and will take place over a period of 12 days in December 2015. It is the only world competition that brings together the various different air sports.


Annecy Hang Gliding World Teaser Online


The 2014 World Hang Gliding teaser was shown for the 1st time during a one hour show dedicated to the championship on TV8 Mont Blanc, May the 19th. The teaser is now online here.


Annecy HG World: a first allocation, an extra registration



On this day, April 6, 113 pilots from 18 countries are selected and 7 pilots are on the waiting list. The pilots status is published here.


Annecy World Hang Gliding: Qualification Criteria and Number of Pilots



In 2011, the qualification criteria for all Category 1 hang gliding events were modified by the Plenary. The idea was to make criteria harder, so safety would be improved. Unfortunately, the Plenary did not realize that the new requirements, if adapted to Class 1 championships, are just not working for Class 2, 5 and Sport, and for Women Class 1 specific championships.


Paragliding Pre-worlds concludes successfully in Colombia

Colombia preworlds_podium_1

The Paragliding Pre-Worlds in Roldanillo, Colombia, came to a successful conclusion last week.  Four tasks were flown in 6 days and 147 pilots had the opportunity to try out CIVL’s experimental ‘Final Glide Decelerator’ techniques, the conical end of speed section (CESS) and the arrival altitude time bonus (AATB).


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