PGA Worlds Vlora - 83 Zeros after 8 rounds!


9th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Vlora (Albania) has made 8 rounds by now and has 3 more days to go. It remarkable that after 1176 flights in the competition to date, there have been 85 zero scores (actually landing on the 2 centimetre diameter central disc), with 776 scores on the electronic measuring ‘pad’ (landing within 16cms from the edge of the disc).


Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero…

Tone5 s

We are talking of very cool precision Paragliding flying skills here and not in terms of temperature!
Anton Svoljsak of Slovenia has seen off the chasing competition of Permadi Chandra (Indonesia), Jirasak Witeetham (Thailand) and Tomaš Lednik (Czech Republic), all tied at three consecutive zero – a World Record already – and has achieved one more zero, four consecutive!, by landing on a 2 centimetres diameter target at the 9th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Vlora, Albania.


2018 Hang gliding Euro to take place in Krushevo



CIVL is happy to announce that Krushevo (FYR Macedonia) will host the 20th FAI European Hang gliding Class 1 championship from August 5 till 17, 2018.


2017 World Paragliding Local Regulations Published



Local Regulations for the 15th FAI World Paragliding Champioship in Monte Avena, Italy, from July 1 to 15 are published here.

FAI World Class 2 Local Regulations Published


Local Regulations for the 20th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Champioship in Serres, France, from July 26 to August 6 are published here.

Welcome to the CIVL Competition Timeline



The CIVL Competition Timeline allows you to visualize in a practical all sanctioned events but also some of our not yet sanctioned main competitions.

It allows competition organizers to better planify their events around the ‘big’ competitions and pilots to better plan their season.

Only CIVL Bureau can allow an event that is not yet sanctioned to be on the CIVL Competition Timeline.


Albanian World Paragliding Accuracy Local Regulations Published


The Local Regulations for the FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championships in Albania, May 5 to 14, 2017, are published here.

The best of FAI 2016 competitions video is here!

2016 10_24_BestOf_Video_Picture_Twitter

The best of FAI 2016 competitions video is here!

Have a look at FAI's compilation video of the main competitions of the season 2016:


Bids Open for 2019 Championships




Bids are open for the 2019 World Championships!


France hosts and wins the 2nd FAI World Paragliding Aerobatic Championships

synchro ok 2The 2nd FAI World Paragliding Aerobatic Championships came to a successful close today at Lake Annecy in south west France. An impressive seven solo and seven synchro runs were flown over 7 days from 26 August to 3 September, giving the 34 pilots from 16 nations an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their aerobatics skills in a highly competitive environment.


Paragliding Aerobatics World Championships off to a flying start!


The 2nd FAI World Paragliding Aerobatics Championships are underway at Lake Annecy, France.  Among the 34 pilots from 15 nations participating, there are 8 women from 4 nations, enabling the medals for the first Women’s paragliding aerobatics championships to be awarded for the first time.