2013 Forbes HG World Championship local regulation are published


The FAI 2013 Forbes hang gliding World Championsips local regulations are published! CIVL would like to apologize profusely as this publication comes a month late.

The St-André Euro PG on the way


The FAI Paragliding Cross-Country European Championship started on September 2nd in St-André-les-Alpes, France. Dennis Pagen, President of the Jury, wrote to us...

We arrived in St. Andre with perfect timing. There has been a serious drought in southeast Europe, so we scheduled a competition and brought much-needed rain. Yesterday was registration and the opening ceremony. It actually cleared a bit in the afternoon, and most competitors took the opportunity to catch an hour or two of flying, so there is no weather stress as yet. Since then it has rained chats and chiens and today, the first scheduled day of competition has been cancelled.

Last evening we had a parade with pilots in their sassy native dress, followed by obligatory speeches by the local politicians. Then we had a party in the town centre which got us mingling with the locals and enjoying the French culture. That's why we come to these events, isn't it? Oh, of course there's the flying, and if all is right with the universe it will clear and the race will be on. While we enjoy the village and the local color, we are waiting for a chance to show our colors.

The Kayseri Euro HG on the way


The FAI Hang Gliding European Championship started on August 26th. 66 pilots from 17 nations have already flown 4 tasks. You can follow the competition on the organizers’ website.

3rd FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship - Ohrid, MKD

6646-3rd E ParaAcc Ohrid copy

The 3rd FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship came to an end last July the 8th. Were crowned...

Overall: 1- Dimitar Ralev, Bulgaria; 2- Goran Gjurkovic, Serbia; 3- Matjaz Sluga, Slovenia.

Women: Milica Marinkovic, Serbia; 2- Jolanta Romanenko, Lithuania; Barbora Smutna, Czech Republic.

Nations: 1- Slovenia; 2- Czech Republic; 3- Serbia.

Check the competition website here. 

See here all the pictures of the competition, including the prize-giving ceremony !

Winners of the 1st Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championship!


Congratulation to you!

 - Overall

Gold to Yoshiki Oka from Japan.

Silver to Ardi Kurniawan from Indonesia.

Bronze to Ke Yang Lin from Chinese Taipei.

- Women

Gold to Mizuho Tohbu from Japan.

Silver to Plaifha Thongdonpum from Thailand.

Bronze to Milawati Sirin from Indonesia.

- Team

Gold to Indonesia.

Silver to Japan.

Bronze to Chinese Taipei. 

Videos of the event can be found here.

Accuracy pilots prepare for World Games


Registration is now open for the Paragliding Accuracy Test Event of the World Games! Dates are 7th to 11th August, and the venue is Cali, Colombia. There are 36 places open to paragliding accuracy pilots, and interested competitors are requested to register as soon as possible.


3rd Asians Paragliding Championship - The winners

comp china_2012-winners

At the last day of the championship there was not possible to set task because of low cloudbase and it started raining soon after the day was cancelled. In the afternoon the closing / awarding ceremony was at the hotel.

We gratulate all the winners of the 3rd Asian Paragliding Championship in Linzhou (China):


1  Kamiyama Taro M JPN (Mantra M4) points: 3677 
2  Lim Moonseob M KOR (Boomerang GTO) points: 3110
3  Hiraki Keiko F JPN (Mantra M4) points: 3032

1  Hiraki Keiko F JPN (Mantra M4) points: 3032
2  Di Wang F CHN (Ozone DELTA) points: 1411
3  Igawa Emi F JPN (Mantra M4) points: 1154

1  JAPAN points: 7129
2  KOREA points: 6699
3  INDIA points: 5289



3rd Asians Paragliding Championship - Day 7

comp china_2012-day7

Today there was a fog on takeoff. It was expected to be better before noon, but it did not. So there was a decision of no flying today. Currently (about 18.00) there are thunderstorms around. Because of no task today Dennis Pagen and Agust Gudmundsson had a pilots seminar in the afteroon. Dennis talked about thermalling, gliding, competition flying and tactics. This was very well received. Agust talked about how to set records with focus on how Asian pilots could set Asian continental records. No record has been set yet, but many countries to have nationa records. Many pilots showed interest to set records.

3rd Asians Paragliding Championship - Task 5

comp china_2012-task5

There were difficult places in Task 5 where about half of the competitors landed close to the start. The wind was along the ridge and created turbulence close to the ridge, so pilots flying low and close to the ridge ended by landing there. There were 9 pilots in goal of the 51km task. The winner was Song Junming (China). The last leg was also difficult into headwind, as 17 pilots made end of speed section but only 9 of them made goal.  After 5 Tasks the provisional results of teams #1 Japan, #2 Korea and #3 India.

3rd Asians Paragliding Championship - Task 4


comp china_2012-task4

For Task 4 a 63km task was set. It was actually about 40km but extended before window opened as conditions improved. It was good flying and there were 9 pilots in goal where the winner of the task was Ahhn Yongtae (Korea) who flew it in 2:37.  In 4th place overall is a female pilots Hiraki Keiko (Japan) which is then in 3rd place of Asian pilots.

3rd Asians Paragliding Championship - Day 4

comp china_2012-day4

Day 4 started with a rain. So at team leaders briefing the day was cancelled. To cheer up the pilots the organizer arranged for a sightseeing trip to Red Flag Canal. Pilots were happy and enjoied the tour, including the slide down the mountain. Better weather forecast tomorrow.

The results are accessible at the orgainzers web at http://www.soaring.org.cn/s/champions/3faiapc/news_results/index.html

Many local pilots post their pictures at this web http://www.paracn.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=37877&;extra=page%3D1

And more here http://www.superwing.com.cn/bbs/read.php?tid-5377.html

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