Category 1 Championships

Coming Championships

  • World HG (Class 1) Championships in 2015 in Mexico.
  • World PG Championships in 2015 in Colombia.
  • World PG Accuracy Championships in 2015 in Indonesia.
  • World HG and PG Aerobatics Championships in 2015 (pending).
  • European HG (Class 1) Championship 2016.
  • European PG Championships 2016.
  • Asian or Oceanian PG Championships 2016.
  • Pan-American PG Championships 2016
  • European PG Accuracy Championships 2016.
  • Asian or Oceanian PG Accuracy Championships 2016.
  • World HG Class 2 & 5 and Women Class 1 World Championships 2016.
  • World HG (Class 1) Championships in 2017.
  • World PG Championships in 2017.
  • World PG Accuracy Championships in 2017.
  • World HG and PG Aerobatics Championships in 2017.

Preparing and presenting bids

Normally, bids are presented and Championships are awarded at the Plenary two years prior. For example, at the 2014 Plenary, the 2016 Championships may be awarded.

It is also possible to announce at the Plenary three years prior, an 'intention to bid'. For example, at the 2010 Plenary, Australia announced its intention to bid in 2011 for the 2013 World HG (Class 1) Championships.

The current document outlining the guidelines for preparing and presenting bids for Category 1 competitions can be found on the documents page under Event Organisers.  The zip file includes the Guidelines, Annex A (bid details form) and Annex B (budget template). This document is updated each year, so check that you have the most recent version when you start preparing a bid.

Below is a summary of the Guidelines document:

1. Organisers, Location & Date: Bids will be presented during the CIVL Plenary meeting. Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes.

2. Presenters: Bids should be presented by persons with sufficient knowledge to answer questions on all aspects of the bid including financial aspect. The Meet Director should also be present.

3. New sites and/or new organisers: If the site or organiser have not been used before for national or international competitions the bid must be accompanied by a site report from a nominated CIVL inspector.

4. NAC confirmation: The bid must be supported by a letter of confirmation of bid from the NAC and a letter of support from the local authority of the area in which the event is to be held. The Organizer Agreement beteween FAI and the Orgaizers has to be signed BEFORE the presentation of the bid to the Plenary.

5. Bid Information: The bid must be accompanied by a copy of Annex A and Annex B, signed by the organiser.

6. Prior to the Plenary session: An electronic copy of the bid should be sent to the CIVL President 4 month before the Plenary. Once received, bid documents will be first checked for completeness, and then circulated to the relevant Committee.  All aspects of the bids will be examined by the Committee (or a nominated subgroup), especially considering safety issues, but also including the suitability of the sites, task flying conditions for the time of year, experience of the organising team, and the budget.  If the Committee (or subgroup) is dissatisfied with any aspect of the bid, it will communicate its recommendations to the potential organisers, allowing sufficient time prior to the Plenary Agenda deadline, for the organisers to respond with explanations, or an amended bid, as necessary. Then the bid will reviewed by the Bureau and circulated to the CIVL delegates together with the Plenary Agenda.

7. FAI/CIVL rules and guidelines: Before presenting the bid, bidders should familiarise themselves with the relevant chapters and annexes in FAI General Section and Section 7, CIVL Internal Regulation Chapter 3.6 and Guidelines for Organisers (available on the FAI website at

8. Language: The presentation is to be in English

9. Format: This should start with a verbal presentation of the information required for the Check Lists for Championship Organisers, slides may be used to illustrate launch areas and goals. If sufficient time is left a short AV presentation may be played. Please DO NOT show tourist type videos.

10. Visual Aids: Please advise CIVL Secretary if visual aids equipment is required.

Next steps:

Once the bid has been awarded, a Steward will be appointed by CIVL to advise and guide the organisers through their preparations, starting with the Test Event. 

The Test Event should be run according to Cat 1 event rules as far as practicable. The Steward will advise further and help with preparing Local Regulations.

After the Test Event, the Steward produces a report which outlines how the Test Event was run, highlighting any shorfalls in the organisation and making any necessary recommendations for actions to be carried out prior to or at the following year's Championship.