Video makeover

The FAI’s Air Sports Channel on Youtube has been re-designed to provide one channel per sport, plus a channel for the World Air Games, and one for videos relating to the FAI and the history of aviation. The new channel for CIVL is at: http://www.youtube.com/faicivl. In addition, viewers can easily browse videos, moving from one sport to another within the FAI/Air Sports Channel environment, by using the tabs system of pictograms for each commission. The aim is to give more flexibility, a more refined classification, and a better use of all the new features offered by Youtube. At this first stage, videos already uploaded to the Air Sports Channel have been included and sorted by discipline. Further classifications and sub-classifications can be created, each with dedicated playlists. The aim of these new channels is to better promote and display our air sports, through videos provided by organisers, pilots, competitors, etc. The more videos we feature, the more people will visit our Air Sports Channel, and the better known our sports and activities will be! To expand the coverage, we can either upload our own videos or, even more simply, add to one of our playlists a video that has already been uploaded on Youtube by a third party. For suggestions for new playlists or submission of new videos, please contact communication@fai.org .