Report on November 2006 CIVL Bureau Meeting

Long agenda and lively discussion The CIVL Bureau met from 9 to 12 November 2006 at the home of honorary CIVL President, Olivier Burghelle in Pléguien, France. A busy competition calendar both for the year just ending and the year ahead, generated a lengthy agenda and stimulated some lively discussion. The Bureau reviewed the reports from the Category 1 competitions and the Test events this year. Recommendations from Jury & Steward reports have been converted to proposals for the various subcommittees to consider prior to the next Plenary meeting. Key issues include clarifying some rules, setting penalties for pilots found to be cloud flying or infringing airspace; and proposing penalties for organisers reneging on the promises made in bid agreements, failing to implement recommendations made by the Steward or disregarding the Rules in the General Section or Section 7. Finalising the Local Regulations for next year’s Cat 1 events, namely the PG Worlds in Manilla and the HG Worlds in Big Spring, Texas, has involved extensive (and ongoing) discussions between organisers, Stewards and the Bureau. The huge effort is essential to ensure competitors have a fair and satisfying competition, according to the agreed rules, and importantly, that events are successful for organisers too. Reports due from the seven CIVL subcommittees and various working groups raised further issues for discussion. Other points covered included reviewing plans for the Plenary meeting in February and setting the agenda. Full minutes will be available soon. Key outcomes

  • Competition subcommittees will consider a proposal to mandate the use of 3D GPSs in Cat 1 competitions. This is to help organisers and Jury members to determine whether pilots are infringing airspace or cloud flying.
  • Reminders will be sent to organisers of upcoming Cat 1 competitions about the strict rules on free flying during Category 1 events.
  • Proposals are under way to update the sample Local Regulations in Section 7 to include a number of points including specifying penalties for cloud flying or airspace infringement, and specifying scoring software program and version. This template LR will be provided online as a Word document which organisers must use to draw up their proposed LRs.
  • FAI officers (Stewards and Jury members) were appointed, as far as possible, for upcoming events. Keeping travel costs down for organisers was a primary criterion in selection.
  • 2009 competitions to be awarded by the Plenary in February 2007 are: Hang Gliding Worlds, PG Worlds, PG Accuracy Worlds and European Class 2/Class 5/Womens Class 1. No bids have yet been received, though intentions to bid for the PG Worlds have been received from Mexico and Italy.
  • The Scoring, Rankings & Software working group reports it will communicate directly with Naviter in Slovenia to determine whether this software has the potential to be developed to meet CIVL needs. An aim is to reduce scoring software licencing costs for competition organisers.
  • The WPRS formulas are being reviewed.
  • A new version of RACE will be available by the time of the Plenary Meeting in 2007.
  • IPPI cards will be reviewed with a view to updating the qualifications requirements and to include tow/aerotow ratings.
  • Organisers registering Cat 2 events and paying the Sanction Fee by credit card will be required to ensure the payment is cleared by the one month deadline. Organisers will also be required to ensure results are submitted within one month following the event. The website will indicate if results have not yet been received.
  • The CIVL website is to be overhauled, both in terms of structure and content. The intention is to update it more frequently and include reports highlighting subcommittee and working group activity.
  • Internal Regulations will be amended to state that Subcommittee chairmen must be nominated and elected every year at the Plenary meeting, in line with FAI rules.
  • The setting up of Continental records will be investigated by the Records, Badges and Flight Verification subcommittee. A promotion programme is planned to increase interest in record setting and flight achievements.
  • It was agreed that the CIVL President, Flip Koetsier will visit the Paragliding Accuracy World Championships in Lithuania in February 2007.