CIVL Bureau decisions & actions – February 2007

During the past month, the following decisions and actions have been taken by the Bureau, on behalf of CIVL: 1. The CIVL Bureau Meeting minutes and the CIVL Plenary Meeting minutes have been published on the CIVL website. See: http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/meetings/bureau/2007_feb and http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/meetings/plenary/2007 2. An ‘Approved Local Regulations’ section has been set up on the website, and the first entry under this heading is a link to the Local Regulations for the FAI World Hang Gliding Championship 2007, Big Spring, Texas. See: http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/LocalRegulations 3. The 17th FAI World Hang Gliding Championship 2009 has been awarded to France. In accordance with Internal Regulations 3.6.4, and as agreed by the Plenary in February 2007, the CIVL President sought a suitable organiser. France was able to respond extremely swiftly with a detailed proposal, that was reviewed by the Bureau and the HG Subcommittee Chairman, and which proved to be acceptable. Details on the Competition Calendar. See: http://events.fai.org/hgpg/details.asp?id=4664 4. Following the decisions made at the Plenary Meeting in February 2007, the CIVL Internal Regulations have been updated. See: http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/documents/internal_regulations 5. The CIVL President has received the necessary (US) NAA approval of the appointment of Wayne Sayer as CIVL Treasurer.