Paragliding World Championships Day 12 Task 4

Wednesday’s task was the fourth in this Championship, and was set to run from Mt Borah to BanBaa - a difficult 60.8km speed run task with four start gates. First in goal was Ronny Helgesen (NOR), who, after landing 2 meters short in task 3, made goal this time with at least 20 meters to spare, after a final glide of almost 20 km! There were at least 27 pilots in goal. After 4 tasks the overall results are: First place is now held by Bruce Goldsmith (GBR). Second place Jean-Marc Caron (FRA) and third Christian Maures (CHE). The nation team placing after 4 tasks is: First CZE, second FRA and third GBR. Unfortunately the first pilot after three tasks, Petra Slivova (CZE) did not do as well in task 4 and now is in 18th place overall after 4 tasks. The conditions were rather weak and there were two midair collisions resulting in 3 parachute deployments. Two of the affected pilots were fine, one had back pain and went to hospital for further examination. Today (Thursday) is day 13, it is raining at 9:00 am, so there may be another cancellation on the horizon and not much chance of flying today.