World XC Online contest launched

CIVL is delighted to announce the launch of the first trial season of the World XC Online contest (WXC) starting on 1 October 2008 and running through to 30 September 2009. All Online contest organisers are welcome to join the WXC network. Already several contests have signed up, including DHV, Paraglidingforum and XCC-Poland. Further information can be found at http://wxc.fai.org. The basic philosophy of WXC is to interconnect all online XC contests around the world to create a World XC online contest - running alongside existing contests, and allowing pilots to compare their flights across regions and compete internationally. The idea behind the WXC is to encourage and motivate pilots to fly more often, fly further and to undertake more challenging tasks, such as out and returns and triangles. Delegates are encouraged to promote the WXC to hang gliding and paragliding cross country pilots and especially to organisers of online contests. It is important to emphasise that WXC is completely free of charge to pilots and requires no additional effort on their part. Existing online contests will continue to operate in the normal way, according to their local rules. Explanations of how the WXC is scored, how to sign up, and the WXC rules are available at: http://wxc.fai.org. Online contest organisers can join WXC at any time, and for the 2008/2009 season only, for contests that connect to the WXC network before 1 June 2009, all flights from the start of the season (1 October 2008) will be accepted. Normally, flights must be submitted to the WXC within 14 days of the actual flight. Pilots must have a valid CIVL ID. This is allocated automatically to all pilots who have participated in any FAI sanctioned competition since 1 January 2001. Pilots should first check if they are registered (and update their info and upload photos) at http://civlrankings.fai.org. Click the 'Pilots' link. Pilots with no CIVL ID, can register [http://civlrankings.fai.org/FL.aspx?a=332|here] (you do not need an FAI licence to register).