Double award for hang gliding

Two further FAI Category 1 Hang Gliding Championships for 2010 have been awarded: to Germany for the 2010 FAI Women’s Worlds Class 1 and World Classes 2 & 5 Hang Gliding Championships, and to Spain for the 2010 FAI European Hang Gliding Championships. Both awards will be subject to ratification at the 2009 Plenary in Austria next month. The 2010 FAI World Hang Gliding Championships, Class 2, Class 5 and Class 1 Women will take place from 8th to 22nd May, 2010 at Tegelberg in Germany. The Class 1 and Class 5 gliders will launch from 1700m at Tegelberg, which takes west, through north to easterly breezes, at a height of 900m above the valley. Transport to launch will be by the Tegelbergbahn (cable car). The organisers say there is enough rigging area for up to 100 gliders. Class 2 gliders will be aero towed from the glider airfield in Füssen, just 5km from Tegelberg. Headquarters will be near the landing area at the Tegelbergbahn (cable car station), with all the usual facilities for pilots, team leaders and officials, including internet access. The pilot entry fee will be 400€ (500€ for late entry) and 200€ per team leader. Lunch packets (organic!) will be included. Fully supported by DHV, the Meet Director of this multi-class event will be Dietrich Münchmeyer, backed up by Rudl Bürger as Organisation Director, and Benno Osowsky as Event Director. Check the FAI calendar for the dates of the test competition in 2009 (expected to be around 12 to 17 May) and details of the website address. Meanwhile, Ager in northern Spain, is gearing up to host the 2010 European Hang Gliding Championships. The test event is already announced on the FAI calendar, to take place from 11th to 18th July, 2009 – just one week after the closing ceremony of the FAI World Hang Gliding Championships in Laragne, France! In 2010, the dates of the European Championships are booked for the 4th to 18th July. The spacious Ager take-off faces south and west, with ample space to rig 150 gliders. Access is via a 16km asphalt track, easily negotiable by all vehicles. The main landing field is 6km from launch at Aguilo. Headquarters will be located at the Ager camp site, where a briefing room will be made available. Wifi/internet access is already available. The Meet Director will be Jose Manuel Sanchez (Juaki). The entry fee in 2010 will be 400€ per pilot and 170€ per team leader. More information on the 2009 and 2010 events are available on the Ager competition website: www.ager2010.com