Scoring PG XC competitions with dropped tasks

The PWC organisation has introduced this year a new scoring system of discarding tasks and dropping scores. The PWC has asked the Software Working Group and the CIVL Bureau for clarification on how the overall results of such PWC competitions will be input in the WPRS. The CIVL Bureau has agreed an interim solution, pending PG Subcommittee recommendations to be discussed prior to the next CIVL Plenary. For example, if the best 2 scores of each pilot in a 4 (valid) task event are taken to produce the overall results in the PWC competition, will this be input as 4 task competition? (There is no rule on task dropping in S7B) A long debate resulted in the unanimous agreement that this issue must be discussed by the Paragliding Subcommittee and the Software WG well before the next Plenary. A summary of the Bureau discussion will be forwarded to the relevant chairmen in due course. In the interim until the next Plenary, the majority decision of the CIVL Bureau, is that competitions using scoring systems with dropped tasks or task scores, will be input in the WPRS using the overall results provided by the organiser for the pilot ranking, and will use the full number of valid tasks flown and scored, for the Ta factor. NB. In HG, S7A specified task dropping is not allowed. In PG Accuracy, S7C has a clear statement that after 5 tasks, a pilot’s worst score may be dropped. The above decision is subject to ratification at the next Plenary, in February 2010.