2010 Plenary Planning – Proposal deadline approaching

Planning is underway for the CIVL Plenary, 18th to 21st February 2010, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The deadline for proposals on the Agenda and for bids for 2012 Category 1 competitions is approaching: 18 December, 2009. Further information about the CIVL Plenary Meeting can be found here. As usual, the Subcommittee and Working Group meetings will take place, Thursday and Friday, prior to the Plenary itself over the weekend. All CIVL delegates have already been notified directly of the meetings. The deadline for written proposals for inclusion on the Plenary agenda is 18 December, 2009. The deadline for electronic copies of bids for 2012 Category 1 competitions, is also 18 December, 2009. The Agenda will be published on 4 January, 2010. Major issues expected this year include: a review of the safety initiatives set at last year’s Plenary and discussions on scoring systems. Hot topics include: the evolution of semi-rigid structures in paragliders, prototypes (HG and PG) in Cat 1 competitions, the impact of dropped tasks on the WPRS, GAP2008 and selectable options, and, of course, the crisis in aerobatics competitions. Further information about the CIVL Plenary Meeting can be found here: http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/meetings/plenary/2010