Snow thwarts Women’s Worlds hang gliding championships

The second Category 1 event in the 2010 season was the combined hang gliding Women’s Worlds, Class 2 and Class 5 Championships held at Tegelberg, Germany in May this year. The weather conditions were very disappointing, to say the least, and no tasks could be run for either the Women’s Worlds nor the Class 5 Championships. Low cloud, rain and even snow on the mountain launch made it impossible to fly. In the valley, where the class 2 gliders were towed up, the weather was just flyable and 3 tasks were run for the 9 competitors. According to the FAI Steward, John Aldridge: “The three tasks flown in the Class 2 championship were challenging and provided the pilots with sufficient opportunity to compete for the world title.” The Class 2 Championship was won for the fifth time by Manfred Ruhmer (Austria), previously three times world champion in Class 1 Championships. Second was Steve Cox from Switzerland and taking the bronze medal, Bob Baier from host nation, Germany. Jury President, Flip Koetsier added: “It was a great pleasure to work with the enthusiastic organisation staff, prepared to do everything possible to make this championship a success.” In a sterling effort to maintain morale for the 20 women Class 1 and the 43 Class 5 pilots, a wide range of social events and visits were organised on the many non-flyable days. “Neither the organisers nor the Meet Director could have done more to try and validate all classes in this championship,” Aldridge confirmed. “It is sad that the appalling weather prevented full use of this excellent organisation.“