Consistency and precision at PG Accuracy Euros in Turkey

The 2nd FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championships were successfully completed in August in Eskishehir, Turkey. A maximum 12 rounds were flown during the week, ensuring the eventual champions had to demonstrate consistency as well as precision. Jaka Gorenc of Slovenia added European Champion to his past title of World Champion. Marketa Tomaskova of Czech Republic is the new women’s European Champion. Czech Republic took team gold. Pictured is Zoran Petrovic (Serbia) who took the bronze medal. Tomas Lednik, Czech Republic was awarded the silver. In the women's championship, Serbian team mates, Milica Bicanin and Milica Marinkovic took silver and bronze. Team wise, Slovenia was 2nd and Bulgaria in 3rd place. (Photo: Andy Webster) According to Steward, Violeta Masteikiene (Lithuania) and Jury President, Riikka Vilkuna (Sweden), weather conditions were particularly tricky with strong thermals over the target area. Despite starting early in the morning, and stopping during the hottest part of the day, pilots were having to adjust their landing approaches to cope with thermals popping off unexpectedly. Some 59 pilots (including 13 women) from 11 countries took part. One of the national TV channels filmed some of the competition, and good use was made of the competition website with the results appearing as they were recorded. There were two minor incidents, one on launch and one on landing.