Full house for interim Bureau Meeting

The interim meeting of the CIVL Bureau took place in October, hosted by CIVL President, John Aldridge, at his home in Maidenhead, UK. Minutes of the meeting can be found here. All Bureau members attended and took the opportunity to catch up on CIVL activities since the last Plenary, including a review of the five Category 1 Championships. Looking ahead to next year’s events, FAI officials were appointed and screening committees for entry qualifications were put in place. Subcommittee and Working Group reports (where received) were discussed and some actions noted. The Safety and Training Subcommittee, once again, has not been working as it was hoped. The Bureau is planning to propose at the next Plenary to split out the training aspects of this subcommittee and will suggest a Technical Officer is found to take on a newly defined role. This should allow the formatin of a more dedicated and focused safety subcommittee. The Open Class PG Technical Working Group has made several detailed reports since its formation at the last Plenary, and their ideas are beginning to coalesce towards firmer propositions. The Bureau will help them, over the coming weeks, with the more precise wording required to formalise their rule change proposals. The Software WG, once again, has a busy schedule and a shortage of skilled volunteers. Additional developers and programmers are needed to complete some important tasks. The WXC has now successfully completed its second trial year, and the WG will propose at the next Plenary that it now becomes an official FAI contest. The full report is available here.