Call to paraglider test houses

Following the ‘open class’ paraglider test certification problems at the FAI European Paragliding Championships 2010 at Abtenau, earlier this year, rule revisions are underway. CIVL is in consultation with a number of independent paraglider test houses which regularly certify paragliders to the EN926-1 and EN926-2 standards. Currently, S7b makes reference to a list of 'CIVL-approved paraglider test houses'. The CIVL Bureau believes it is important to re-visit this list, and, in light of the extensive work undertaken by the Open Class Technical Working Group (OCTWG), such a list is certainly going to be necessary. The result of the OCTWG work will be a set of proposals, which will be published as part of the Plenary Agenda package, including a revision of the test documentation that should be supplied by the approved PG test houses. Of course, the OCTWG is already in consultation with the test houses. Between now and the Plenary Meeting in February, the PG Subcommittee will be discussing the OCTWG proposals, and especially those concerning the updating of the relevant chapters in Section 7b of the Sporting Code. Meanwhile, we are aware of four independent test houses, all in Europe, which we know are currently testing paragliders to the EN926-1 shock and sustained load test standard and the EN926-2 flight test standard.

However, if there are other independent test houses that should be added to this list, please Contact us with details.