CIVL searches for software developers

CIVL, the hang gliding and paragliding commission of the FAI is seeking the help of volunteer software developers to contribute towards a number of ongoing IT projects. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our sport, whether it be for flight verification, competition scoring, database management or website development. CIVL’s current band of IT and software contributors are under growing pressure as existing projects increase in complexity and new projects are being specified. The CIVL projects currently requiring additional resource include: 1. FS the HG/PG XC competition scoring system. (See: http://fs.fai.org ) A number of enhancements and new features are planned. The development environment is: .net and C#. An administrator handling the online forum, blog and feedback tickets is also required. 2. CIVL database of pilots, competitions, officials and rankings (See: http://civlrankings.fai.org ) This huge database, with 20k+ pilots, competitions and results of all santioned hg/pg events since January 2001, and the WPRS Ranking system of all disciplines, requires some enhancements, and is being further expanded to handle FAI Officials. The development environment is: MS-SQL ,Aspx (C#),IIS and some .net applications 3. World Online Contest (See: http://wxc.fai.org ) Having successfully completed its trial, the WXC is expected to be officially launched following the CIVL Plenary in February 2011. The project requires some ongoing development as the contest grows. The development environment is based on Linux, and some knowledge of: Apache2, PHP5.3x, MySQL5.1.x, GCC, Perl, and/or Python would also be desirable. If you think you have the right skills (or you know someone with the right skills), an interest in the sport and want to contribute some spare time, please send your CV and a brief covering letter indicating which projects are of most interest, to Agust Gudmundsson CIVL Software working group chairman Contact Agust Gudmundsson