Tomorrow paragliding competition scene: what do you think?


Last February, CIVL has set up a Competition Structure Working Group (CSWG) to think about what tomorrow paragliding Category 1 competition scene could look like. The CSWG studied proposals made to the CIVL Plenary last February. The CSWG worked out many details of the proposed changes, but has not yet come to definite conclusions. It will do so this autumn and publish the results.

We would like to share with you some topics. Please send your comment to Stéphane Malbos, Chair of the Working Group..


Which gliders to fly?

The CSWG does not think that it would be wise to create specific competitions for EN-B or EN-C gliders. In 2012 and 2013, all Category 1 competitions should be open equally to all certified gliders.

If a new “Competition” class is created, EN certified or not, the CSWG does not think that separate Category 1 competitions should be created for Competition and non Competition gliders.


United Team and Individual championships

Some believe that today system is satisfying. 

It provides a nice balance between Individual and Team in one single competition. 

The selection system is already there to define which pilots we want.


Specific Team and Individual championships

Some believe that safety and fairness would be improved if separate World Team and Individual championships would be run. They could be organized like this…

Team and Individual in succession every two years, so the number of competitions is not multiplied. For instance: Team in 2015, Individual in 2017, Team in 2019, Individual in 2021, etc.

Team championship

- Each nation can enter 3 pilots (any gender) plus 1 female pilot. The countries ranked the highest are served first.

- On each task, for each team, the second and third best scores are counted.

Individual championships

Are selected:

First, the National Champions of the ten WPRS top-ranked countries.

Second, the winners of CIVL Category 2 Gold competitions. (This new Gold category would include, for a start, all PWCA events).

Third, the WPRS top ranked pilots.

No limitation for the number of pilots per country.


XC Open competition

Some believe that:

- Open distance is the mainstay of paragliding. It should be recognized and have its own WPRS and championship like PG, PG accuracy and PG aerobatics. 

- Open distance is different from race to goal. Pilots can’t excel in both. Open distance would create new set of Champions, national teams, coaches etc., with according new possibilities of obtaining grants, donations and sponsors.

- Open distance is a radical improvement of safety in the FAI approved championships. 

Hence a new Category 1 Championship would be created.

Tasks are “Open”: each pilot choose its own take off time and route.

150 pilots maximum are selected:

- 80 from the actual WPRS.

- 30 from XC Open series competition results.

- 40 “wild cards”.

Learn more about it here. Proposed scheme is valid for the start only. Later on with growing number of XC competitions a specific XCO WPRS will be created."