Training more Paragliding Aerobatic Judges


Paragliding aerobatics is a relatively young discipline, recognised by CIVL from 2005. CIVL and the FAI are keen to help this sport develop further as it is particularly media and spectator-friendly. There is a growing number of paragliding aerobatic pilots (more than 180 from 26 nations in the CIVL World Pilot Ranking Scheme), but unfortunately, only a handful of FAI Cat 2 sanctioned competitions for them to attend each year.

One of the difficulties that potential organisers encounter, is the lack of qualified PG Aerobatics Judges available to work at competitions. A quick look at the PG Aerobatics Annex to Section 7B of the Sporting Code will show you just how complex a task is involved!

For the last three years, CIVL in conjunction with ARISF (Association of Recognised IOC Sports Federations), has been supporting the CIVL PG Aerobatics Subcommittee with funding to help train new Judges. But it is a long process, and Trainee Judges need to attend 4 or 5 competitions before they can be declared fully qualified.

The 2012 CIVL Plenary agreed to a further request for funding by the CIVL PG Aerobatics Subcommittee of €5000, to be split 50/50 between CIVL and ARISF. The Subcommittee, chaired this year by Claudio Cattaneo (SUI), is currently developing its 2012 Judging Training programme.

To date, FAI-sanctioned paragliding aerobatics competitions take place predominantly in Europe, and we are keen to see them expand to other continents. As a start, this means training Judges from other continents – and the allocated budget is simply not going to stretch far enough!

CIVL is asking the Federations and NACs who have PG Aerobatics Judges in training, or who have candidates they would like trained, or indeed, those who have aerobatics pilots they wish to encourage, to help provide some financial support for these trainees and pilots. Covering their travel costs, or accommodation and food while attending a competition, for example, will help our limited funds stretch much further and expand the discipline. Please contact Claudio Cattaneo the CIVL Aerobatic Chairman directly for further information.