CIVL Bureau on the move



The CIVL held its traditional Autumn meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, from November 1st to 4th. Minutes of this meeting will be published soon. Some highlights…

- Subcommittees, working groups, stewards and jury reports were reviewed, with special attention to their recommendations for change.

- Reports on various FAI meetings were made by CIVL President.

- Current CIVL budget was analysed and provisional budget worked on.

- Safety issues in all disciplines were reviewed. Proposals and statements will be made concerning, among others, sprog measurement (HG), additional rescue parachute (PG), qualification criteria and possibilities of mandatory live-tracking devices.

- The future of PG competition gliders was again analysed in the light of the recent PMA letter and proposals to CIVL. PMA proposals were considered in line with what was voted unanimously by delegates at the last Plenary and will now be discussed by the PG Subcommittee. Proposals will be made at the next Plenary.

- The procedure for bids for category 1 championships was reviewed. Proposals will be made so the Bureau and Subcommittees can have a more active role in their selection.

- The FAI anti-doping scheme was discussed. The Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) was again underlined as a document crucial for the competition pilots.

- A reflection on the way CIVL works globally was undertaken and is still ongoing. It should evolve in proposals for new Internal Regulations, including the way the Plenary works, the way the Bureau is elected, its length of term and the jury / stewards scheme.

- Finally, following the resignation for personal reasons of the Chairmen of both the Paragliding Subcommittee and Records & Badges Subcommittee, the Bureau has appointed two Bureau members to hold these offices temporarily until the next Plenary (Stéphane Malbos for PG, Igor Erzen for R&B).