CIVL is recruting a new Competition Coordinator


The Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (CIVL) is seeking a suitable person to act as Competitions Coordinator.

The successful applicant will have some knowledge of hang gliding and/or paragliding competitions and CIVL, good written and spoken English, plus some database/spreadsheet oriented IT skills.
As the work is Internet based, it may be done at a location of the candidate’s choice.Working hours average 8-12 hours per week, but vary with the flying seasons.The  person must be in a position to invoice the FAI for his/her work on a regular basis, in conformance with the tax/employment laws in force in his/her country of residence, and in accordance with the rate agreed with the CIVL President.


A summary of the work includes:

  • Receiving and checking applications for sanctioning of Cat 2 events to be entered on the CIVL Sporting Calendar.
  • Communicate with FAI office on sanctioned competition related matters.
  • Running the CIVL World Pilot Ranking System (WPRS), which includes chasing, receiving and uploading competition results, managing the pilots and results databases, dealing with related enquiries arising.
  • Some first line support of Cat 1 organisers, answering or fielding enquiries on issues such as allocation, exemption applications, entry requirements etc.
  • Tracking progress of Cat 1 championships including; publication of documents, website information etc.  Communicating outstanding actions to the CIVL Bureau.
  • Producing reports and analyses on competition trends when requested (twice per year).

A more detailed Job Description is available on request.

Applications must be sent here before January 31st, 2013.