A Paraglider Competition Pilots Survey


For the 2013 CIVL Plenary, the Paraglider Manufacturers Association (PMA), at CIVL’s request, created a proposal for a future paragliding competition class for cross-country competitions. This proposal, as well as the topic of equipment for such competitions in general, has been heavily discussed over the last several months, amongst pilots, officials, country associations and many others. These discussions will continue at the Plenary, and will most likely lead to a vote there.

The views of many players on this complex topic are well known, but to this date, no clear information existed on the point of view of those mainly affected by CIVL’s decisions: The

competition pilots themselves. Following a blog post by André Rainsford, a group from within the PMA approached CIVL and proposed a survey amongst competition paraglider pilots, to learn about their opinion on PMA’s proposal, and on the equipment topic in general.

Between February 4th and 10th 2013, such a survey was conducted. This document contains its final outcome.