CIVL PG and HG XC Scoring Project


CIVL Software Working Group is working on a  proper and (almost) complete definition of our scoring system, as it is defined in the rules (S7A and S7B) and implemented in FS. It has produced a document meant to be the basis for all future work on the scoring formula, since only if things are defined at this level can they then be properly implemented in software.

The document has been distributed throughout the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Committees, and is now published on CIVL's web siteThe Software WG welcome all suggestions. Please contact its Chair, Joerg Ewald, here. 

For 2013, the  Software Working Group recommends splitting this document up in two: one for Hang Gliding and one for Paragliding, and introducing them as stand-along appendices to S7A and B, but is open to other solutions on how to use it.