What’s up October 2013?



The Bureau held its annual Autumn meeting near Grenoble, in the home of one of its member. 4 days of intensive work and homemade cuisine, toil, fun and bonding in the French Indian Summer. The minutes will be published asap. A few headlines…

A long discussion took place on the future of the new CIVL-EN Competition Class, “expected” to become a new EN certification adapted to real competition flying requirements. What was voted at the 2013 Plenary has to be adapted to the evolution of EN certified gliders. Requirements should be more precise.

The new FAI Licence Database should be at last available for all countries and its use mandatory from January 1, 2014. Updated by the NACs and Federations, it should make life for competition organizers a lot easier.

Bidding rules for Category 1 Events have changed and nobody seems to have noticed. At the deadline of October 22, no bid for competitions in 2016 was received. Bidding deadline for 2016 competitions has been extended to December 1.

The possibility to organize Asian only or Asian-Oceanian championships is open for bidders – a 2013 Plenary proposal.

In work on antidoping an out of competition testing will be a reality for CIVL in 2014. As required by FAI, the Bureau chose randomly four pilots. Two among them will be chosen by FAI for out of competition testing in 2014.

The new End of Speed Section rules, now called Final Glide Decelerator, will be  used in the Paragliding World Championship in Colombia 2015

A new CIVL bank account should make everybody’s life easier, specially our Treasurer’s, and will give us more control on our revenues and expenses.

More on these subjects and others later on…