Bidding for 2016 Cat 1


6 Category 1 Events will be organised in 2016. No bid has been received so far although the deadline for them was October 22. This is only half surprising as the deadline used to be much later, 2 months before the Plenary i.s.o. 4 now, as implemented by the 2013 Plenary. CIVL obviously did not communicate enought on this change. Apologies...

CIVL Bureau has extended the deadline until December 1st, 2013. Bids will be send then to the appropriate Committes for comments, so organisers have time to adjust their bid before thet are sent in their final form to CIVL Delegates. So pleeeaaase send us your bids asap.

Concerned 2016 Championships...

  • European PG Championships.
  • Asian and/or Oceanian PG Championships.
  • Pan-American PG Championships.
  • World HG Championships, Class 1 Women, 2, 5 and Sport.
  • European HG Championships.
  • Asian and/or Oceanian HG Championships.
  • Pan-American HG Championships.
  • European PG Accuracy Championships.
  • Asian and/or Oceanian PG Accuracy Championships.
  • Pan-American Accuracy PG Championships.

Everything about bidding here and here