What was up late last year 2013?




As you will read it in the Bureau activity report for the Plenary, soon to be published...


  • Selected randomly 4 pilots to be part of out-of-competition WADA drug testing scheme (FAI to choose 2).
  • Published on the Delegate and Info mailing-list and sent to PMA, EHPU, PWCA, test houses etc. the draft of the PG Committee project on new competition gliders requirements.
  • Finalized and published the Autumn Bureau meeting minutes.
  • Received and circulated bids from Macedonia (PG XC) and France (Aerobatic)
  • Started working on Section 7 re-organizing and re-writing. Gave power to Brian Harris and Louise Joselyn to work on it for a budget not exceeding 4000€.
  • Agreed on giving access to former Category 1 events bids to potential bidders to help them build their bids.
  • Published 4 News.


  • Decided to send our Competition Coordinator to the Plenary for overall help.
  • Decided to answer EHPU invitation and send a Bureau member and a PG-Committee member to EHPU General Conference.
  • Bought AFNOR new EN standards documents.
  • Started working seriously on the Plenary agenda.
  • Appointed Nicky Moss as Jury & Steward Coordinator Officer in replacement of Flip Koetsier.
  • Appointed a new Jury member for the Annecy (France) World HG Class 1, 2, 5, Sport Championships.
  • Discussed a proposal modifying Section 7 on the rules that shall apply to Category 2 practice events.
  • Discussed FAME CEO resignation.
  • Cancelled the 19th FAI European Hang gliding Class 1 Championship in Monte Arangoiti, Sierra Leire, Spain.
  • Published 1 News.