Greetings from the 40th CIVL Plenary


Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia, and the 40th CIVL Plenary. A record number of countries (41) and delegates (over 50) worked here during two days of Open meetings and two of Plenary sessions.

No dramatic decisions were taken and we kept building our sport in the continuity of the 39 previous Plenaries. We will report soon here on the decision taken, but first…

The new CIVL Bureau

  • President: Stephane Malbos (France)
  • 1st Vice President: Igor Erzen (Slovenia)
  • Vice Presidents: Goran Dimiskovski (FYR of Macedonia), Adrian Thomas (UK), Wahyu Yudha (Indonesia)
  • Secretary: Jamie Shelden (USA)
  • Financial Secretary: Zeljko Ovuka (Serbia)

The new Committee Chairs

  • Paragliding: Adrian Thomas (UK)
  • Hang gliding: Jamie Shelden (USA)
  • Paragliding Accuracy: Violeta Masteikiene (Lithuania)
  • Aerobatic: Claudio Cattaneo (Switzerland)

2016 Championships

  • European Hang Gliding Championship to FYR of Macedonia.
  • Paragliding Aerobatics World Championship to France.

2017 Championships

  • World Paragliding Championship to Italy.
  • World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship to Brazil.
  • World Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2017 to Albania.