What's up this Autumn?

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Although not gloating about it, we never stop working! Since the last What’s up published in August, the Bureau…


Colombia wins big at Pan-American PG

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A successful Pan Americans Paragliding Championship is over. Bola Loma, Argentina, was a good place for the competition. The 5 valid tasks, averaging 64 km, were challenging and safe for the pilots.


Pan American PG flying on


Day 4 and 5 were the first flyable days in the competition, with very good weather.


The 2nd Pan American Paragliding Championship is on!

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The 2nd Pan American Paragliding Championship started November 1st and last competition day is November 10th.


Suspension of the Final Glide Decelerators


When writing that the implementation of Conical End of Speed Section was suspended in Category 1 events until further notice (see previous News), the Bureau meant that all Final Glide Decelerators were suspended, including Arrival Altitude Time Bonus (see GAP 2014 point 5.6).

The altitude bonus in case of stopped task is not concerned by the suspension (CIVL GAP 2014, 12.3.6).

The Bureau apologizes for its imprecision.

Suspension of the Conical End of Speed Section



The late Paragliding European championship was the first Category 1 event where the Conical End of Speed Section (CESS) was tested. The least that can be said is that it was not a success: imprecision of instruments, fairness issue, debatable flight strategy and more.


CIVL President Agust Gudmundsson elected as FAI Executive Board member



Agust Gudmundsonn wrote to the Delegates: "At the FAI General Conference in Pattaya, Thailand, this weekend a new FAI Executive Board was elected. The fact I was elected as FAI Executive Board member is the reason for this message to you.


Competition bids' deadline extended


CIVL Bureau decided to extend the deadline to submit bids for Category 1 competitions in 2017. The deadline is now  the same as the deadline for Plenary Proposals, which is 60 days before the Plenary in Belgrad, Serbia, which is mid December.

Winners of the 2014 FAI Awards and FAI-Breitling Award Announced

The FAI has announced the winners of the 2014 FAI Awards and FAI-Breitling Award, celebrating the outstanding dedication and contribution to air sports.Ryan-CampbellAerobatics pilot Aude Lemordant,
Breitling Youngster Award recipient Ryan Campbell and Dr. John Grubbström

The ceremony took place last night in Pattaya, Thailand, as part of the 108th FAI General Conference which is held today and tomorrow, and hosted by the Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand (RASAT).

For the first time, live streaming allowed people from all around the world to be in the heart of the event. Judging from the amount of views and comments, this new feature was a complete success. For those who missed it, the replay of the whole ceremony can be watched on the FAI Youtube Channel.


Final CCC requirement and deadlines published



To Manufacturers, Test Laboratories, Delegates and Pilots,

To implement the new CIVL Competition Class (CCC) paragliders is indeed a very complex task.