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The server for civlrankings.fai.org, our World Pilot Ranking System,
experienced a hardware failure. We are in the process of bringing it back
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Denis Cortella to control gliders at the coming Paragliding Euro



The last Plenary decided that glider controls would be carried out at the coming European and Pan-American championships.

The CIVL Bureau has given full power to Denis Cortella to implement these controls at the Kopaonic (Serbia) Euro.

Paraglider certificates in Cat 1 events



The CIVL Bureau reminds all pilots in 2014 Paragliding Category 1 events that their gliders must be certified 90 days prior to the start of the competition (Section 7
The proof of airworthiness is demonstrated by the certificate incorporated into the glider (Section 7
The 90 days rule refers to the date shown on this certificate.



FAI World Air Games 2015 to be Staged in Dubai

FAI-UAE-Signature-WAG 04 June 2014 9The FAI announced today that the 2015 edition of the FAI World Air Games has been awarded to the United Arab Emirates and will be held in Dubai. This multi-discipline event will be organised by the Emirates Aerosports Federation and will take place over a period of 12 days in December 2015. It is the only world competition that brings together the various different air sports.


Final CCC Requirements Approved

wing markings

Last February, the Plenary approved the new CIVL Competition Class (CCC) requirements for paragliders. The Plenary also agreed that “at all times, CIVL Bureau has the power to adjust the requirements. The Paragliding Committee (PG-C) will be consulted before such adjustments are made.”


Annecy Hang Gliding World Teaser Online


The 2014 World Hang Gliding teaser was shown for the 1st time during a one hour show dedicated to the championship on TV8 Mont Blanc, May the 19th. The teaser is now online here.


Plenary 2014 : CIVL GAP published


This document contains all definitions required to score centralized cross-country competitions for both hang-gliding and paragliding. Its main purpose is to serve as an amendment to sections 7A and 7B of the FAI sporting code.


2014 Plenary minutes published


The minutes and annexes of the 2014 Plenary Meeting of the FAI Hang gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL) have been published on the FAI website on this page under > Plenary Bali (Indonesia), 19-23 February 2014 > Minutes. Direct link to the minutes.

February Bureau Minutes Published


The minutes of the pre- and post-Plenary Bureau meeting are published here.

Annecy HG World: a first allocation, an extra registration



On this day, April 6, 113 pilots from 18 countries are selected and 7 pilots are on the waiting list. The pilots status is published here.


2013 FAI Annual Report available now !

2013FAI-Annual-Report Capture CoverThe 2013 FAI Annual Report, which gives an overview of last year’s activities and achievements of the Federation, has been released.