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Published today is the latest completely revised edition of ‘Practical Guidelines for Organising CIVL/FAI Category 1 Championships’.  It can be found at: http://www.fai.org/civl-documents under Event Organisers/Practical Guidelines...


Flying in Austria: the follow-up



Following problems with pilots having been fined by the police at landing after free-flying, FAI and CIVL have been in contact with  the Austrian Aero-club.

The Austrian Aero-club is working for solutions to what seems to be a local problem for some free-flyers.

For official competitions there is no problem as  the current law allows pilots with foreign licence to fly.

(Flying in the Tannheimer Valley. Photo found on the web here)

Flying in Austria illegal?


Until this summer, the IPPI Card was tolerated. Not any more. CIVL received reports of pilots being arrested by the police and charged a 300-400 euros fine for not having a proper licence. The Austrian federation is aware of the problem. At the time being, it is collecting data from several countries, to find out which licences are acceptable for the Ministry of Transport. The new rules should be published in October 2013, showing the accepted licences.

Up to now, are collected samples licences/rating cards from following countries:


The only one that might be accepted by the Ministry of Transport seems to be: CZE, GER, ROM, SLO, SUI.

The 2013 Paragliding World very best!


The 13th FAI World Paragliding Championship came to an end in Sopot, Bulgaria, on July 26th.

The French are the big winners with the Overall and Team titles. Poland takes the Women title.

Thanks to the organisers for their very good work and website. The following excerpts are taken from it.

"During this main paragliding event of the year 2013 we had 5 unique tasks. Each task had its special weather conditions. From first task with absolutely covered sky and slow thermals till final fifths race with strong sunny conditions which are really common for Sopot actually at this time. Each day weather became stronger requiring more and more speedy flying manner and skills from pilots. But exactly those who were able to show best self control and ability to make independent decisions and “read” weather could set the advantage from the first competition day and keep it till the end of this great championship."


  • 1 - Jeremie Lager  (FRA)
  • 2 - Charles Cazaux  (FRA)
  • 3 - Davide Cassetta  (ITA)

"These pilots demonstrated an outstanding ability not to follow the mass instincts and judge rationally. This helped them to get advantage in the first most difficult task. And later all they had to do just to keep their achievements."


  • 1 - Klaudia Bulgakow  (POL)
  • 2 - Seiko Fukuoka  (FRA)
  • 3 - Nicole Fedele  (ITA)

"During all the races we witnessed the acute competition of Klaudia Bulgakow and Seiko Fukuoka. Klaudia had a win! The third place belongs to a famous Italian pilot Nicole Fedele. Congratulations and applause for these brave ladies!"


  • 1 - France
  • 2 - Italy
  • 3 - Venezuela

"The stable fine positions of French pilots during the race have brought them a deserved victory. The Italian team has won the second place due to excellent flights of its members who twice were first in the Task results. Venezuela team have deserved the third winning place by its incomparably vivacious team spirit!"

See more at:http://airtribune.com/13-fai-world-paragliding-championship

Lifting the suspension of the 2011 Competition Class gliders



The Paragliding Committee asked the Bureau to lift the suspension of the 2011 Competition Class gliders. The Bureau recognized that CIVL has no safety concerns about these gliders and that they can be used in CIVL World XC Online Contest, Category 2 events or other competitions. Yet, the Bureau cannot authorize these gliders in Category 1 events unless they fit in the new rules that have been implemented by the 2012 and 2013 CIVL plenaries.

Prior to the 2011 Piedrahita World Paragliding Championships,  paragliders in Category 1 competitions were flown with load test only. 

In 2011, the CIVL Plenary, on proposal of its Open Class Technical Working Group (OCTWG), implemented new "Competition Class" rules in its Sporting Code. This arose out of safety concerns including a fatality at the World championships in Mexico, increasingly thin lines, the random results from load testing, several reports of single and multiple line failures during competition, and a desire to increase the amount of time pilots should be able to train before a competition (rather than having gliders delivered to the competition).

Following the tragic events at the 2011 World Championships in Piedrahita, CIVL imposed in Category 1 events a temporary suspension on the use of the Competition Class paragliders.

CIVL has been asked to end this suspension. The Paragliding Committee has studied this possibility and has recommended to the Bureau to lift the suspension but not allow the gliders in Category 1 events (see attached document).


The CIVL Bureau underlines that:

- The temporary suspension was decided in July 2011 after two fatalities on the second day of a World championship. This championship was flown mostly on gliders whose characteristics had been defined just three and half months before. A lot of pilots had little experience flying these gliders. At the time, the CIVL Bureau considered that the gliders might be part of the problem and felt it had no choice but suspending them temporarily.

- The Bureau decision was approved unanimously by the following 2012 CIVL Plenary. This Plenary also decided to change its Sporting Code and remove the Competition Class from it. Only EN certified gliders would be allowed in Category 1 competition. The 2013 Plenary decided that the same rule would apply in 2013 and 2014. 

- For 2015 and after, in Category 1 events, the 2012 Plenary implemented a new competition class called "CIVL-EN Competition Class" (CECC). All gliders following the technical requirements of the CECC will be allowed to compete. 

- In the December 2011 CIVL Task Force report and in the 2012 and 2013 Plenary, it was reported that competition safety is a multi factor problem and solutions have been sought (new rules for the end of speed section, pilot experience requirements…).


In conclusion:

- In Category 1 events, lifting the suspension of glider class that has not been in the CIVL Sporting Code for last two versions/years is not applicable, even more in the light of the development and implementation of the CECC.

- Relating to gliders, to CIVL knowledge any safety concerns about the 2011 Competition Class have been allayed.

Hence, for its CIVL World XC Online Contest, its Category 2 events or other competitions, CIVL has no restriction on the use of 2011 Competition Class gliders.

- The CIVL Bureau reminds that as stated in its July 8, 2011 communique and as now included in CIVL Sporting Code, organisers of Category 2 and other paragliding events make their own assessments of rules to be applied to promote safe, fair and satisfying competitions.

(Photo: Nick Greece - Ojovolador)

World Games 2013 - Day 4: Victory for Feraric and Romanenko in Paragliding Accuracy - Closing Ceremony

WorldGames2013-paragliding-mens-podiumSlovenian Matjaz Feraric took the Gold at the Paragliding Accuracy competition of the World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia. Tomas Lednik from Czech Republic took Silver and Tanapat Luangiam from Thailand Bronze (see picture).
In the female category, the Gold medal went to Lithuanian Jolanta Romanenko, while Silver was taken by Nunnapat Phuchong from Thailand and Bronze by Milica Marinkovic from Serbia.


World Games 2013 – Day 3: Bartholomew is the new World Games Canopy Piloting Champion - No complete round for Paragliding Accuracy

bartholomew-world-games-2013-cp-championCurtis Bartholomew from USA is the new World Games Champion for Canopy Piloting! Thomas Dellibac, also from USA, and Pablo Hernandez from Spain followed in the overall results of the combined accuracy, distance and speed events.

In Paragliding Accuracy, the round 5, which started on Friday, could not be completed yesterday due to changing winds.


World Games 2013 – Day 2: 3 rounds for Canopy Piloting and 2 for Paragliding Accuracy

The second day of the Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Paragliding Accuracy was in full swing yesterday in Cali, Colombia, at the World Games 2013. Three rounds took place for Canopy Piloting and two for Paragliding Accuracy.

All the athletes were clearly enjoying the effects of the warmth of the Colombian spectators who cheered, applauded and reacted very enthusiastically to Paragliding and Parachuting events, although it was the first time for many of them to witness such competitions. Media interviewed athletes, while children and grown-ups alike asked for pictures and autographs.


World Games 2013: Opening Ceremony and first rounds in airsports events

opening ceremony world games 2013After two days of training, official competitions begun yesterday morning for the Canopy Piloting and Paragliding Accuracy athletes participating in the World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia.

The first competition day was punctuated by the airsports Opening Ceremony where athletes and officials paraded in front of the cheering public. FAI President John Grubbström, accompanied by FAI Secretary General Jean-Marc Badan, concluded the ceremony with a speech thanking the people of Cali for their warm welcome.


World Games 2013: Tickets for airsports sold out !

world games spectatorsOn the morning of the kickoff of the airsports events at the World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia, all signs are go for Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Paragliding Accuracy, as the news came that all the tickets for airsports competitions are sold out. In total, the two events will welcome 2000 people every day.