Minutes of the February Bureau Meeting

The Minutes of the CIVL Bureau Meeting held in Talloires on 1 February 2007 can be found at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/meetings/bureau/2007_feb Significant decisions made and issues discussed include:

  • Financial planning and budget proposals for 2007
  • Need for revision of Organiser Agreement
  • Ensuring competition results are received from organisers
  • Plenary preparations: - handling proposals in SCs and Plenary - re-ordering Agenda items
  • Subcommittee Meetings at future Plenaries should run over two days
  • Website responsibilities and keeping it up to date
  • Minuting of Bureau decisions between Bureau Meetings must be done monthly

First winter Worlds underway

The 4th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship, in Trakai, Lithuania is well underway, and with three rounds flown, can be validated. With 69 pilots, including 9 women, from 14 countries, the competition is the first FAI event to be held in winter, and will mark the first womens’ championship in this discipline. The opening ceremony took place on Friday 9th February, with the charismatic Competition Director and general organiser, Violeta Grigoraitiene in charge. Local dignitaries included the Mayor of Trakai, the Lithuanian Government Minister for Sport and the President of the Lithuanian HG & PG Federation.


2007 CIVL Plenary - Information on Talloires

For further information on the CIVL 2007 Plenary Meeting at Talloires, near Annecy, France, please go to: http://www.talloires-lac-annecy.com/chapitre1_fr_6.html Detailed information is provided on accommodation options, with online booking and payment facilities, how to get there, and transport arrangements. The registration form allows you to indicate which Subcommittee Meetings you plan to attend and to reserve the lunches organised by the hosts.

Agenda for the 2007 meeting published

The agenda and annexes for the 2007 CIVL Plenary Meeting have now been published on the website.

World championships - worlds apart

The FAI World Paragliding Championships and the FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championships are taking place just a few weeks apart in February 2007. Nothing unusual in that, perhaps. But geographically, the two events could not be further apart. The Paragliding event will be run in Manilla, Australia, and it is midsummer. The Paragliding Accuracy championship, however, is in Trakai, Lithuania, and it is midwinter!


Rankings for PG Worlds

The PG Nations ranking of the 24th October 2006 is published here. This ranking is being used to set the team size for the 2007 PG Worlds in Manilla.

Minutes of the November 2006 CIVL Bureau Meeting

The minutes of the November 2006 CIVL Bureau Meeting have now been published on the website. You will find them in the 'meetings' section.

Report on November 2006 CIVL Bureau Meeting

Long agenda and lively discussion The CIVL Bureau met from 9 to 12 November 2006 at the home of honorary CIVL President, Olivier Burghelle in Pléguien, France. A busy competition calendar both for the year just ending and the year ahead, generated a lengthy agenda and stimulated some lively discussion.


WPRS Formula updated

The link to the WPRS formula has been updated and a detailed explanation of it can be found for each discipline from http://civlrankings.fai.org/?a=304&

1st Aerobatic World Championship – Podiums And Champions

On the ground or in flight, these are the best !


(All photos from Denis Balibouse/Red Bull Vertigo ? Check them at http://www.redbull-vertigo.com/gallery-dyn.php?lang=en )

More stories and full results at http://www.redbull-vertigo.com/content.php?haupt_id_nav=16&lang=en


1st Aerobatic World Championship – And The Winners Are…


(Photo: Denis Balibouse/Red Bull Vertigo)

August the 27th – The podiums

Paragliding Synchro

1. Raul Rodriguez / Felix Rodriguez (Spain) 2. Christian Maurer / Peter Neuenschwander (Switzerland) 3. Bernd Hornboeck / Alexander Meschuh (Austria)

Hang Gliding

1. Jon Gjerde (Norway) 2. Guido Gehrmann (Germany) 3. John Heiney (USA)

Paragliding Solo

1. Raul Rodriguez (Spain) 2. Antoine Montant (France) 3. Felix Rodriguez (Spain)

Best women in Paragliding Solo (Women Championship not validated)

1. Judith Zweifel (Switzerland) 2. Seiko Fukuoka (Japan) 3. Maeva Giacommetti (France)

More stories and full results at http://www.redbull-vertigo.com/content.php?haupt_id_nav=16&lang=en