Plenary Agenda Modified


With apologies to the Mexican NAC, organizers and pilots, we are publishing the Valle de Bravo bid for the 20th FAI Hang Gliding World Championship. The bid was sent in time but somehow got lost between CIVL and the webdog. The agenda is modified accordingly and a V2 is published. Both modifications appear in the Document chapter of this website.

Forbes 19th FAI HG World is on!


The 19th FAI Hang Gliding World Championship started strongly with a 157km task flown by 61 of the 96 pilots. Results, blogs and video on the organizer's website at http://www.forbesflatlands.com!

CIVL is recruting a new Competition Coordinator


The Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (CIVL) is seeking a suitable person to act as Competitions Coordinator.

The successful applicant will have some knowledge of hang gliding and/or paragliding competitions and CIVL, good written and spoken English, plus some database/spreadsheet oriented IT skills.
As the work is Internet based, it may be done at a location of the candidate’s choice.Working hours average 8-12 hours per week, but vary with the flying seasons.The  person must be in a position to invoice the FAI for his/her work on a regular basis, in conformance with the tax/employment laws in force in his/her country of residence, and in accordance with the rate agreed with the CIVL President.


A summary of the work includes:

  • Receiving and checking applications for sanctioning of Cat 2 events to be entered on the CIVL Sporting Calendar.
  • Communicate with FAI office on sanctioned competition related matters.
  • Running the CIVL World Pilot Ranking System (WPRS), which includes chasing, receiving and uploading competition results, managing the pilots and results databases, dealing with related enquiries arising.
  • Some first line support of Cat 1 organisers, answering or fielding enquiries on issues such as allocation, exemption applications, entry requirements etc.
  • Tracking progress of Cat 1 championships including; publication of documents, website information etc.  Communicating outstanding actions to the CIVL Bureau.
  • Producing reports and analyses on competition trends when requested (twice per year).

A more detailed Job Description is available on request.

Applications must be sent here before January 31st, 2013.


What's up in December 2012?


The Subcommittees, Working Groups and Officers worked hard so their reports, recommendations and proposals could be ready in time to be included in the agenda of our February Plenary. The Bureau discussed matters like: Forbes coming HG World; the accident/incident statistics; the mandatory second reserve; the bid procedures and the organiser agreements; CIVL voting procedures; the World XC Online results; Sopot local regulations… The bids for 2015 World championships were circulated and the Bureau voted to award the 2014 FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 - 5 - 1 Women to Annecy, France.

2013 Plenary Agenda Published


The 2013 CIVL Plenary will take part in Lausanne, Switzerland, from February 13th to 17th 2013. Invitation, timetable, agenda and annexes are here! and also below on this page.

The President and Treasurer reports will be published later in January.



Ron Nickel passes away


Ron NIckel was one of the pionneers of hang gliding. In 1964, he bought the first hang glider that John Dickenson ever sold. Ron taught himself how to fly and had a proper sail made to replace the banana plastic one. Ron is here with his wife Di and Graeme Henderson, who unearthed his story. The glider Graeme is holding is the original 1964 one. The older "Modern Hang Glider" alive to our knowledge! Thanks Ron for keeping good care of it. And rest in peace.

What’s up in November 2012?


What’s up? A lot of work during and after our Bureau meeting in very windy Iceland. We published the minutes on our website, so please check them out if you want to know what’s up.

An important decision: making a second reserve mandatory in paragliding XC Category 1 championships. A specific News was published.

The month summerized…

  • Autumn Bureau meeting: four days in Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Wrote, reviewed and published on the web a short report then the minutes of the meeting.
  • Appointed Raymond Caux and Igor Erzen to review SafePro and ParaPro documents.
  • Reviewed and published through FAI the 2013 Plenary invitation and timetable.
  • Agreed to change the Meet Director for the 2013 FAI World Hang Gliding championship in Forbes, Australia: Davis Straub iso Vicki Cain.
  • Denied this championship organisers to reopen registration a month after the deadline (on ground of fairness for far away countries).
  • Reviewed and published statement on making mandatory a second reserve parachute in PG Cat 1 competition from May 1st, 2014.
  • Worked on new Internal Regulations and Terms of Reference.
  • Worked on the Plenary Agenda.

Second Reserve Mandatory from May 1st 2014


During its recent Autumn meeting, CIVL Bureau reviewed reports from accidents, some fatal, in Category 1 and 2 events.

From these reports, a recurrent problem was identified. In degraded conditions (stall, spin…) some pilots were unable to reach and use their reserve parachute and fell to the ground. CIVL Bureau believes that these accidents might have been avoided if these pilots had been equipped with a second reserve deployable with the opposite hand compared to the main reserve or with both hands. This analysis is in line with the analysis of the Paragliding Competition Safety Task Force report (published in December 2011) concerning Piedrahita 2011 World championship accidents.

Therefore, the CIVL Bureau has decided to make a second reserve mandatory for FAI Category 1 paragliding XC events from May 1st, 2014. All pilots should carry the current mandatory reserve parachute plus one more. The latter must be deployable with the opposite hand compared to the main reserve or, even better, with both hand.

The Bureau encourages all pilots not to wait for this deadline to get equipped with a second reserve. Many manufacturers already sell harness that can fit two reserves. Some other manufacturers will be able to supply owners of existing competition harnesses with pods with integrated reserve parachute container. Pilots would not necessarily need to buy a complete new harness.

The Bureau also encourages pilots to check and repack their reserves regularly and to get used to throw them while in flight simulators.

Carrying a mandatory second reserve has the support of the Paraglider Manufacturers Association (PMA). It will also be considered by the PWCA.


This Bureau decision will have to be ratified by the Plenary in February 2013. (item left out by mistake and added on Nov. 29)

CIVL Autumn Bureau minutes published


The CIVL Bureau held its Autumn meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland. The minutes are published here. They include proposals and recommendations from the Bureau, Subcommittees, Working Groups and Officers. These proposals are not formal yet, still they should give all Delegates an idea of the Plenary Agenda. We encourage them to read carefully these minutes before pushing their own proposals for the next Plenary (deadline: December 14, 2012).

CIVL Bureau on the move



The CIVL held its traditional Autumn meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, from November 1st to 4th. Minutes of this meeting will be published soon. Some highlights…

- Subcommittees, working groups, stewards and jury reports were reviewed, with special attention to their recommendations for change.

- Reports on various FAI meetings were made by CIVL President.

- Current CIVL budget was analysed and provisional budget worked on.

- Safety issues in all disciplines were reviewed. Proposals and statements will be made concerning, among others, sprog measurement (HG), additional rescue parachute (PG), qualification criteria and possibilities of mandatory live-tracking devices.

- The future of PG competition gliders was again analysed in the light of the recent PMA letter and proposals to CIVL. PMA proposals were considered in line with what was voted unanimously by delegates at the last Plenary and will now be discussed by the PG Subcommittee. Proposals will be made at the next Plenary.

- The procedure for bids for category 1 championships was reviewed. Proposals will be made so the Bureau and Subcommittees can have a more active role in their selection.

- The FAI anti-doping scheme was discussed. The Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) was again underlined as a document crucial for the competition pilots.

- A reflection on the way CIVL works globally was undertaken and is still ongoing. It should evolve in proposals for new Internal Regulations, including the way the Plenary works, the way the Bureau is elected, its length of term and the jury / stewards scheme.

- Finally, following the resignation for personal reasons of the Chairmen of both the Paragliding Subcommittee and Records & Badges Subcommittee, the Bureau has appointed two Bureau members to hold these offices temporarily until the next Plenary (Stéphane Malbos for PG, Igor Erzen for R&B).

Tomorrow's competition paragliders: a letter from PMA


CIVL wrote to and met PMA recently about the future of competition gliders. CIVL received PMA answer and proposals. They will be reviewed by the Paragliding subcommittee.