International insurance offer to organisers

Austrian flying school, Flugschulen-Koessen, is offering insurance services to hang gliding and paragliding competition pilots and competition organisers throughout the EU and Switzerland.


Extending the PG competition season

You would have thought that the FAI calendar of paragliding competitions scheduled in February and March would be dominated by events taking place elsewhere than the wintry Northern hemisphere. But not so! Paragliding Accuracy seems to be growing in popularity, and especially as a way of extending the competition season.


Safety updates

The Safety page has been updated. Hang glider pilots should check out the article by Dennis Pagen: Sprog testing and measurement for CIVL Competitions. Plus there are links to a series of videos including the Gerolf Heinrich Lectures, how to check and set your sprogs, and an explanation of the HG prototype ruling, among other important safety issues.

CIVL searches for software developers

CIVL, the hang gliding and paragliding commission of the FAI is seeking the help of volunteer software developers to contribute towards a number of ongoing IT projects. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our sport, whether it be for flight verification, competition scoring, database management or website development. CIVL’s current band of IT and software contributors are under growing pressure as existing projects increase in complexity and new projects are being specified.


Call to paraglider test houses

Following the ‘open class’ paraglider test certification problems at the FAI European Paragliding Championships 2010 at Abtenau, earlier this year, rule revisions are underway.


World Championships Entry Requirements published

The entry requirements for both the hang gliding and paragliding 2011 FAI Category 1 World Championships have now been published


Plenary Planning

Planning is underway for the CIVL Plenary, 24 to 27 February 2011, in Lausanne, Switzerland. This year, the meeting will be held in the Olympic Museum. The Subcommitee and Working Group meetings will take place on 24th and 25th February, and the Plenary itself will be held on 26th and 27th February. The deadline for Plenary Proposals is 29th December. The deadline for bids for 2013 Category 1 Championship events is 15th December. Further information can be found here

Certified helmet listing

There have been five Category 1 championships since the Plenary voted in February to ratify the Bureau decision to mandate the wearing of EN966-certified helmets. FAI officials have reported that a listing of such certified helmets is essential to the checking process. A list has been compiled and published here, and the CIVL Bureau is asking that helmet manufacturers help us to keep it up to date.


Full house for interim Bureau Meeting

The interim meeting of the CIVL Bureau took place in October, hosted by CIVL President, John Aldridge, at his home in Maidenhead, UK. Minutes of the meeting can be found here. All Bureau members attended and took the opportunity to catch up on CIVL activities since the last Plenary, including a review of the five Category 1 Championships. Looking ahead to next year’s events, FAI officials were appointed and screening committees for entry qualifications were put in place.


Consistency and precision at PG Accuracy Euros in Turkey

The 2nd FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championships were successfully completed in August in Eskishehir, Turkey. A maximum 12 rounds were flown during the week, ensuring the eventual champions had to demonstrate consistency as well as precision. Jaka Gorenc of Slovenia added European Champion to his past title of World Champion. Marketa Tomaskova of Czech Republic is the new women’s European Champion. Czech Republic took team gold. Pictured is Zoran Petrovic (Serbia) who took the bronze medal. Tomas Lednik, Czech Republic was awarded the silver. In the women's championship, Serbian team mates, Milica Bicanin and Milica Marinkovic took silver and bronze. Team wise, Slovenia was 2nd and Bulgaria in 3rd place. (Photo: Andy Webster)


Hang gliding Europeans heats up in Spain

The weather in Ager, Spain, in July for the European Class 1 HG Championships could not have contrasted more with Tegelberg, the venue for the Women’s Worlds and Class 2 and 5 Championships: temperatures around 38C and sunshine every day. Although Gerolf Heinrichs from Austria is the new European HG Champion and team mate Tom Weissenberger (right) was awarded silver, Italy took team gold, followed by Austria, with Switzerland in third place. Attila Bertok (Hungary) won the bronze medal overall.