2006 Euro PG Local Regulations

The Local Regulations for the 2006 European Paragliding Championship are now final. They are available as an attached Word file if you click on the title of this article. Team size are advertised in these Local Regulations. Registration of pilots will be final on April the 1st. Please register NOW!

Plenary : the President and Treasurer reports

At Lausanne CIVL Plenary, Flip Koetsier presented the President report, and Stéphane Malbos the Treasurer report. These presentations are now available as attached Word or Excel files if you click on the title of this article.

2006 Plenary: a first report

Twenty-six nations were present and another three represented in Lausanne, Switzerland, from February 11th to 12th, for the 31st plenary of the CIVL. The Plenary was preceded on February the 9th by a Bureau meeting and on the 10th by a full day of working by the different working groups and subcommittees. This is a brief summary of those meetings. The full minutes will be published as soon as they are approved by the Bureau. Plenary1 Pictures free of copyrights are available at http://photos.fai.org/hang_gliding/civl_meetings/2006/


European and World Championships : Register!

There will be this summer four Category 1 championships : the Hang gliding European, the Paragliding European, the Aerobatic World, the Rigid and Women Hang gliding World. Those competitions are spread from May to August. Which means it’s time for the participating NAC to register their pilots NOW!


Plenary 2006

The CIVL Plenary will meet in Lausanne, Switzerland, from February 10 to 12. You will find at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/meetings/plenary/2006 the Plenary agenda and other relevant documents.

FAI Seminar for Event Directors

In April 2006, a FAI Seminar for Event Directors will be held in order to share knowledge gathered in all air sports, and evaluate how FAI can help event directors to add value to their events, especially in universal matters such as media-coverage, sports marketing, environmental and safety issues.


Bureau 2005: The Minutes

The CIVL Bureau held its traditional – and mandatory – mid-term meeting in Pleguien, France, on 27th-29th October 2005. The minutes of this meeting are now available at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/meetings/bureau/2005.

Building an environmental network

The CIVL bureau has just reactivated its Working Group for Environmental Affairs. Its Chairman, Thomas Senac, is looking for concerned people to build a dedicated network.


WPRS Update Nov 05

The World Pilot Ranking has been updated again in Paragliding, Paragliding Accuracy, Hang Gliding and Rigid Wings. Note that the date on the rankings shows December 1st because the ladders are recalculated every 3 months (quarterly) to even out the effects of the Northern and Southern hemisphere competition circuit. Competitions between now and December will be added and the rankings calculated, but older competitions won’t be devalued every month.


Awards for 2005

Nominations for FAI awards - Hang gliding and Paragliding Diploma and the Pepe Lopez Medal - shall be sent to the FAI Secretariat together with citations not exceeding 100 words, and other supporting information required in “the By-Laws to the FAI Statutes”, chapter 12, (http://www.fai.org/documents/constitution), to arrive no later than the 12th December 2005.

Environmental Affairs : a new Working Group

Thomas Sénac, from France, was appointed to chair a new Environment Affairs Working Group. Some first proposals were agreed upon, and Thomas will start to implement them. He will also contact the FAI Environmental Commission chairman, Michael Goth, to find out what is expected from the new Working Group and how he can contribute to the Commission. Contact Thomas Sénac