What's Up With Our Coming Championships?


What's up with our coming championships? The Plenary voted...


2016 Plenary: What’s Up?


With 33 nations present or represented and 4 days of very intense work, the 2016 CIVL Plenary was a success with short-term important decisions and long-term considerations.


Plenary Final Final Update

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Added or updated, moneys!

  • Annex 8a - Finances presentation
  • Annex 8b - 2015 Results
  • Annex 29 - 2016 provisionnal budget

To be found in the Documents pages (Meeting/2016/Plenary/Agenda).

Plenary Agenda - Final Update?


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Hopefully the final update of the Agenda. Please find in the Documents pages (Meeting/2016/Plenary)...


CIVL President Report to the Plenary


First, thanks to all who are running CIVL. CIVL is us, a dedicated bunch of volunteers involved in high-level competitions and also running regular jobs and taking care of families. I am proud to have been elected last year to chair our Commission and in the various meetings I had to attend, I never forgot that, before all, I represent you.


Plenary Agenda Updated Again

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 The Plenary Agenda has been updated. You will find in our Document pages...


CIVL and Flytec to Collaborate on IT


Work on our software has not been satisfying in recent time for various reasons. CIVL Bureau has been looking for solutions and has accepted a proposal from Flytec on a collaboration.


Krushevo Euro PG Local Regulations published


The Local Regulation of the 14th FAI European Paragliding Championship in Krushevo, FYR of Macedonia, are now published in our Documents pages.


Plenary Agenda Updated

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The following modifications have been made to the coming CIVL Plenary Agenda. See V2 of the Agenda and additional annexes in our Document pages.


European PG Accuracy Local Rules Published


The Local Regulations of the 5th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy championship in Paluknys, Lithuania, are now published in our Documents pages.

WPRS and ‘de-sanctioned’ competitions


2015 and 2016 have seen a number of Category 2 competitions appearing on the FAI calendar and then disappearing, sometimes just before the competition takes part, because they are ‘de-sanctioned’ on the request of the organizing NAC or by FAI (the NAC being suspended).

CIVL Bureau believes that in such cases pilots should not be penalized. Hence, CIVL Bureau has decided that since it was elected, last February 21st, all competitions that appeared on the FAI calendar at one time would be taken in account for CIVL World Pilot Ranking System (WPRS), whether the competition was sanctioned or not when it took part.

The Bureau decision takes effect immediately but will have to be confirmed or rejected by the coming plenary.


(Photo PWCA: 2016 Super Final in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.)