Class I (women), II, V World Championship, Task 3


(Impact in flight - Photo : Tim Meaney)

May the 20th… A perfect hot Florida spring day. The best conditions of the year, so far, announced at the pilots' briefing. Hardly any wind, so all pilots can land at Quest after a more or less square circuit. 127,6 km for Class I; 176,6 for Class II; 150,7 for Class V. The best of the year ended up being the best of the meet and the women, again, had a hard time completing the task. The rigids and Swift did better, with 60 and 100% at goal.


Class I (women), II, V World Championship, Task 2


(David Chauvet's Impact prototype taking off - Photo : Malbos/CIVL)

May the 19th… With stronger winds and elusive lift, Class I pilots delayed their take off time. It didn't help, and no women got to the goal set at 109 km. Class V was set for a 205,1 km crosswind leg to Florida Ridge, a record distance for some of the pilots. 33 got to goal. Class II flew again a back and forth task from and to Quest Air airfield. 174,9 km this time. Not an easy one, reported Manfred Ruhmer, the only pilot to complete the task.


Class I (women), II, V World Championship, Task 1


(photo : Malbos/CIVL)

May the 18th… With strong winds, the same task was set for Class I and V: 110,4 km downwind to River Ranch. Class II had to fly a 123,1 km out and return task from and to Quest Air airfield.


Women Hang Gliding and Rigid Championships Are On!


(The first pilots' briefing - Photo : Malbos/CIVL)

In Groveland, Florida, USA, the Rigid and Women Hang gliding World Championships were declared opened on May the 17th at the sound of a Bluegrass band during a very laid back ceremony where cockatoos, alligators and… the pilots were the stars. Today, May the 18th, the first tasks will be flown: 123 km for Class II (Swift and others) gliders, 110 km for Class I (regular hang gliders) and Class V (Atos and other rigids).


New Ranking Software Operative

From May the 23rd, the new ranking software is operative.


For An Environmental Charter

Last February, during the Plenary in Lausanne, the issue of undertaking a statement on environmental matters was addressed. CIVL Environmental Affairs Working Group would like NACs and concerned persons to answer a few questions…


2008 Competitions

The European hang gliding championships (Class 1) will be held in Greifenburg and Berg, Austria, from June 7th to 21st, 2008 The 1st Panamerican paragliding championship will be held in Castelo, Brazil, from March 27th to April 6th, 2008.


The following documents have been updated:

  • Section 7 for all disciplines and for Records
  • Jury and Steward Handbook

They can be found in the Document chapter at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/documents/competition

Class 2 World Championships 2006 In Doubt

It looks as if the Class 2 (Swift) World Championship 2006 will not be valid as there are too few entries. However there is a chance that other pilots may be able to validate it. Read how.


Country Of Representation


(Germany hang gliding team in Hay, Australia 2005 - Photo: Didier Mathurin)

The rules concerning the right for pilots to change country of representation have been changed at the last FAI General Conference. The “Latest News” we published about it on February 27th seems to have confused some of us pilots. So here are more explanations…


IPPI And Euros

The last Plenary (Lausanne, Switzerland, February 2006) decided that our account is now to be in Euros. IPPI Card payments has now to be paid in Euros. Here is the new price list…