CIVL Safety Initiative: Incident Reporting


logo civl 01 cmyk-ptThe CIVL Incident Report Form can now be completed online. The CIVL Bureau is asking NACs, competition organisers and competition pilots to complete report forms concerning recent incidents. Organisers of Cat 2 competitions are now required to confirm the number of incidents at events, and to complete report forms accordingly.


Introducing the CIVL Paragliding Competitions Safety Task Force

Flying at Abtenau in 2010 European ChampionshipsThe founder members of the CIVL Paragliding Competitions Safety Task Force have now been formally appointed and approved. Task Force chairman, Gregory Knudson, has gathered together a core group of individuals from within the paragliding community, and will be calling on additional specialists as required.


CIVL launches Paragliding Competitions Safety Task Force


logo civl 01 cmyk-ptFollowing the tragic events at the FAI World Paragliding Championships in Piedrahita and the subsequent temporary suspension of Competition Class paragliders in Category 1 events, the Hang gliding & Paragliding Commission (CIVL) has announced the formation of the Paragliding Competitions Safety Task Force.


6th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Kuncice: great event for a discipline on the rise !

Four days after the start of 6th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Kuncice pod Ondrejnikem, Czech Republic, the suspense as to who will be crowned the next world champion amongst the 84 pilots coming for 15 countries continues.

So far the weather conditions only allowed the completion of one round - but what a fantastic one it has been !


Implications of temporary comp class suspension

The temporary suspension of competition class paragliders in FAI Category 1 events, announced by CIVL on 8th July, has raised some questions. A second statement has been issued to clarify some of these points and explain the implications to NACs and FAI Category 2 competition organisers. The full statement is contained in the file below.

12th FAI World Paragliding Championships come to a close

Following the two fatalities in the second task of this FAI event, and the suspension of the certification of Competition Class Paragliders, the championship organisers have decided that it is not possible to continue with the competition.


Competition Class paraglider certification suspended

Due to recent incidents at the 12th FAI Paragliding World Championship in Piedrahita, Spain the CIVL Bureau has temporarily suspended the certification of Competition Class Paragliders with immediate effect.


Aerobatics success

The 1st Turkish Aerobatic Paragliding Championships, also part of the Acro Paragliding World Cup series, took place last month in Oludeniz, Turkey. CIVL’s Aerobatics Subcommittee chair, Iris Vogt commented: “Oludeniz is a great place to start the aerobatics season and it is a great competition venue with a lot of altitude."


Asians go for Accuracy

The 1st FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championships will take place in Yilan, Chinese Taipei from 12th to 18th June 2012. The test event will run from 1st to 3rd July 2011. Paragliding Accuracy has been expanding fast, especially in Asia, over recent years.


Video makeover

The FAI’s Air Sports Channel on Youtube has been re-designed to provide one channel per sport, plus a channel for the World Air Games, and one for videos relating to the FAI and the history of aviation. The new channel for CIVL is at: http://www.youtube.com/faicivl.


Link to rankings and WPRS

There are still problems recovering all the content and structure of the CIVL website, following the crash of the FAI server some weeks ago. For those who have not separately bookmarked the CIVL rankings and WPRS pages, you can access them directly at: http://civlrankings.fai.org