The following documents have been updated:

  • Section 7 for all disciplines and for Records
  • Jury and Steward Handbook

They can be found in the Document chapter at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/documents/competition

Class 2 World Championships 2006 In Doubt

It looks as if the Class 2 (Swift) World Championship 2006 will not be valid as there are too few entries. However there is a chance that other pilots may be able to validate it. Read how.


Country Of Representation


(Germany hang gliding team in Hay, Australia 2005 - Photo: Didier Mathurin)

The rules concerning the right for pilots to change country of representation have been changed at the last FAI General Conference. The “Latest News” we published about it on February 27th seems to have confused some of us pilots. So here are more explanations…


IPPI And Euros

The last Plenary (Lausanne, Switzerland, February 2006) decided that our account is now to be in Euros. IPPI Card payments has now to be paid in Euros. Here is the new price list…


All Fees In Euros

The last Plenary (Lausanne, Switzerland, February 2006) decided that our account is now to be in Euros. Consequently, all payments of sanction fees to CIVL must be made in this currency by NAC and organisers of Category 1 and 2 competitions.


Entries For Category 1 Competitions

World and continental championships organisers are receiving too many requests from individual pilots to be entered in their competitions. We would like to remind pilots and their NAC that only the NAC can select pilots, team leaders and crews, and enter them in Category 1 competitions.

Plenary 2006: The Minutes

The minutes of the 2006 Lausanne, Switzerland, Plenary meeting have now been published on our web site. They can be downloaded at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/meetings/plenary/2006.

So, Who Really Screws US Pilots?

Davis Straub, who chairs the USHGA Competitions Committee, has recently published an article in his Oz Report (CIVL Screws US Pilots, Vol 10, Number 52) which follows his usual anti-CIVL agenda but which gives a very one-sided and inaccurate picture of the unfortunate situation – unfortunate that is for the pilots involved.


Lausanne 2006: The Bureau Minutes

The CIVL Bureau met in Lausanne on February 9th 2006, just before the Plenary. The minutes are now available at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/meetings/bureau/2006. The Plenary minutes will be available soon. A summary of the Plenary has been published at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/node/264.

Paragliding Accuracy: UK rules!


The Paragliding Accuracy pre-World has just been completed in Trakai, Lithuania. The event took place from February 16th to 19th on the frozen Galves Lake, with take-offs with stationary winches whatever the wind direction.


Register NOW !

The 9th FAI EUROPEAN PARAGLIDING CHAMPIONSHIP will take place from the 1st to the 14th of July. It's time for the participating NAC to register their pilots by sending a list of up to 6+2 eligible pilots. Team size are advertised in the Local Regulations. They have been approved by CIVL Plenary in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the 12th of February. Their definitive version is available at http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/node/266 Registration of pilots will be final on April the 1st. Please register NOW !